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gap dong i TV
death note animation
naruto: the cross roads animation
death note rewrite 2: l wo tsugumono animation
sen to chihiro no kamikakushi animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
Jang Geun Seok person
Lee Seong Gyeong person
Kim U Bin person
Lee Hyeon U person
Lee Gi Gwang person
L Lawliet character
Uzumaki Naruto character
Ryuk character
Hyuuga Hinata character
Howl character
Ponyo character


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doramaaprncss 02 Jan, 2012
yep. :)
doramaaprncss 01 Jan, 2012
oh really? awesome. it was my first korean drama :)
doramaaprncss 01 Jan, 2012
ive seen the korean, and i will watch the japanese very soon!
doramaaprncss 01 Jan, 2012
i noticed uve seen ikemen desu ne. which is better? the korean or the japanese?
doramaaprncss 30 Dec, 2011
oh cool. same with me actually. I didn't see naruto, is it good? I am downloading it so i will watch it soon!
I have seen code geass: that is amazing. u should definitely watch it if u have time!
doramaaprncss 30 Dec, 2011
haha kk :) tell me what you think!! <3
sooo do u like anime?
doramaaprncss 30 Dec, 2011
oh ok. yes boys over flowers is the adaption :P so same story and everything :)
doramaaprncss 29 Dec, 2011
yup yup i loved that drama too!