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jangnanseureon kiss TV
bossreul jikyeora TV
minami sineyo TV
mae rineun oebakjung TV
ajeossi film
gap dong i TV
death note animation
naruto: the cross roads animation
death note rewrite 2: l wo tsugumono animation
sen to chihiro no kamikakushi animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
Jang Geun Seok person
Lee Seong Gyeong person
Kim U Bin person
Lee Hyeon U person
Lee Gi Gwang person
L Lawliet character
Uzumaki Naruto character
Ryuk character
Hyuuga Hinata character
Howl character
Ponyo character


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doramaaprncss 28 Dec, 2011
yup u shud definitely watch it!
so do u like the romance genre or what?
doramaaprncss 28 Dec, 2011
oh i loved death note! and I read the manga too.
my favorite drama would have to be hana yori dango :) have you seen it?
doramaaprncss 27 Dec, 2011
soo whats ure favorite drama?
ramushe1998 27 Dec, 2011
3iuuuuush unde pot sa ma uit la Mary stayed out all night in Romana :D ?
doramaaprncss 27 Dec, 2011
it was a lovely place, but now, not really :(
doramaaprncss 26 Dec, 2011
homs :)
doramaaprncss 26 Dec, 2011
haha a7san... yup against as well. what city does your daddy reside in btw?
doramaaprncss 25 Dec, 2011
haha same for me actually. so inti ma3 alnitham walla la2? haha if you don't want to talk politics to a complete stranger then that's fine i understand :)