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interests I'm in search of really good suspense dramas. If you have any, please let me know :).
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kame wa igai to hayaku oyogu film
white christmas TV
monopoly film
kaiji: jinsei gyakuten game film
the quiz show TV
death note animation
meitantei conan animation
Yiruma person
Park Chan Uk person


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I've been watching dramas for approximately 1 and a half years. Asian films for a bit longer. I can't remember all the films I've seen so I add them as I remember.

Japanese Film: Kaiji
Japanese Drama: The Quiz Show
Korean film: Monopoly
Korean drama: White Christmas
Chinese Film: House Of Flying Daggers
Thai Film: Shutter
Anime: Death Note
Band: FoZZtone
Singer: Joo
Musician: Yiruma

I like dramas with suspense and detective dramas.

I learn Japanese and Korean. If you're learning, let's practice together.



florcoop 15 Nov, 2011
저는 저번년에 대학교에서 한국선생님을 있었어 그리고 그녀는 나에게 한국어를 가르쳤어 하지만 제대학교 한국아니에요. 제대학교의이름은 Universidad Catolica de Chile에요. 저는 지금 집에서 책과공책으로 공부룰하고있어. 그렇지만 시간을 없어요 u.u
TTMIK은 재미있어 ^^고마워요!!
넌 어디서입니까? 언제 한국어를 배웠어? 넌 대학생입니까?? 너의한국어 대박이에요!!!
jayme8me 14 Nov, 2011


あの探偵ドラマ好きですか?今私好きな探偵ドラマがMr. Brainとmeitantei konan(2011)と뱀파이어 검사(vampire prosecutor)^^
jayme8me 14 Nov, 2011
はい,私は一人勉強した^^ 君はどうの勉強ですか?

K-pop F.T Island, 빅뱅,2PM, Block B, B2ST, B1A4,샤이나, 장근석, 안녕바다...

florcoop 14 Nov, 2011
네, 나는 지난년 대학교에서 한국을 공부했어 ^^... TTMIK 무엇입니까??
jayme8me 14 Nov, 2011
I learn mostly from watching dramas so my spoken is much better:)
So my Korean writing is terrible:(

日本語たぶん、三年勉強して。それも韓国語八月だけ(^ ^)

But I have been listening to k-pop for a while befor thatXD
jayme8me 13 Nov, 2011
한국이 족 음^^<-not sure about spelling
vendetta 10 Nov, 2011
its 4 am in not watching now........also i am only in to the korean and chinese movies now.......not been to dramas.....need more time for that
vendetta 10 Nov, 2011 too.......but i am not so interested......what r u watching