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dutchviola 29 Jun, 2016
Well, the past few weeks we have had a lot of rainy weather and little sunshine TT_TT, but when it's sunny it doesn't stay grey ~_^ couldn't handle that!

aha, my music education....thx^^
dutchviola 29 Jun, 2016
btw the b&w pic looks great^^
dutchviola 29 Jun, 2016
Your instagram = this really looks much better then grey Holland .......
dutchviola 29 Jun, 2016
Travelling, sounds good^^! I hope you had a great time. Have you been to Asia?
daredaniel 08 Nov, 2014
Interstellar was pretty cool. Some of the best visual effects I've ever seen in my life. Never seen anything like it since 2001: A Space Odyssey.
daredaniel 13 Oct, 2014
I'm probably gonna watch it this week with a friend.
deformedchrist 11 Oct, 2014
Hello! how are you?
daredaniel 05 Oct, 2014
I've already seen Enemy. It was fun but I saw another film this summer pretty similar to that one which I liked better. I really didn't like Under my Skin and think it would've worked better as a 40 minute short film. I'll probably see all those american films when they come online because I don't go much to the cinema. Never heard of that european film, seemed cool.