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seonggyungwan scandal TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
seon deok yeowang TV
healer TV
eungdaphara 1988 TV
yeokdoyojeong gim bok ju TV
akatsuki no yeon hwa animation
xxxholic kei animation
card captor sakura animation
yuri!!! on ice animation
kimi no na wa. animation
haikyuu!! animation
Hui Cheol person
Song Jung Gi person
Lee Jun Gi person
Ju Won person
Ji Chang Uk person
Park Bo Geom person
Lavi character
Fai D. Flourite character
Watanuki Kimihiro character
Son Hak character
Kaburagi T. Kotetsu character
Katsuki Yuuri character


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usiekawaii 28 Aug, 2015
hey, i add you on my list. kissu :***
volkovices 07 Dec, 2014
I don't wanna watch Pinocchio because I hate Park Shin Hye OTL Her acting gets on my nerves but I've heard a lot about this drama and how good it is. I'm watching Misaeng right now and enjoying it a lot. TvN dramas seems to have a different feeling, don't you think?
volkovices 27 Oct, 2014
You get messages of your friend's updates, but I think you already know that HAHA :D So, are you watching something interesting right now?
volkovices 05 Oct, 2014
Here we list movies and dramas and can also follow friends, but for add them you have to list :)
volkovices 01 Oct, 2014
Hey~ How are you? Listed ^^
rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
Click on the banner ^-^
piranha 02 Aug, 2012
Hi :)! I've just read your comment on 'IS' drama. You wrote that you had read the manga and you knew what happened next. I'm really curious to know how the action unfolds when Haru starts to attend school as a boy again. Could you please tell me what happens to her then? I'm especially curious about Ibuki's reaction. I probably won't read the manga, since I don't have that much time. So will you summarize it for me :>? Please :> You can avoid details, I'm just curious about the most important facts. Thanks in advance!
angelus 16 Apr, 2012
So did you pick some Japanese or Korean, watching all that? what do you mean?

ok i'll believe you =)

yeah, i'm a fan of shun. some of the gifs. is taeyeon and other members of girl's generation(i like them)