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koizora TV
deep love: ayu no monogatari TV
densha otoko TV
crows zero 2 film
mirai nikki: another:world TV
gakkou no kaidan TV
Mizushima Hiro person
Eita person
Ayaka person
Yamashita Tomohisa person
Maeda Atsuko person
Itou Misaki person


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Not 4 Kidz/Pinku Movies i seen:

Cat Girl Kiki


angi 29 Jun, 2013
I think it's great that we have such a similar taste in dramas! That way I can look on your watched drama list and there are many I still want to watch and I can be quite sure that I will like them 'cause we have a similar taste in dramas. xD
plaama 27 Feb, 2013
Hi, hi. And thank you! About both stuff...
I wrote the Gokusen reviews so long ago, that I don't really remember them, but thanks. ^_^
sayitaintsojoe 15 Nov, 2012
Yeah, it shouldn't be too shocking since there are a lot of dramas for guys out there.
angi 28 Oct, 2012
I added you as a friend because we seem to have a similar taste in dramas! I hope you don't mind! ^-^
pantheria 12 Jan, 2012
XD. Sorry no I don't. Actually I don't really watch Anime anymore. Definitely not as often as I used to. All my lists are on MDL now. More into Live Actions though these days. I've added you here, hope that's ok. :)