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neoui moksoriga deullyeo TV
sinui seonmul: 14il TV
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gwaenchanha, sarangiya TV
eungdaphara 1988 TV
geunyeoneun yeppeotda TV
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gravitation animation
rurouni kenshin: meiji kenkaku roumantan animation
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I'm friendly, funny and chatty girl from Lithuania.
I like watching dramas, movies and anime. I enjoy reading books,fanfics (also I'm writing them) and manga.
I love listening to music and I cannot survive without music. I mostly listen everything!, but my favourite singers are TVXQ (now JYJ and Homin), Shinee, KAT-TUN, Bi, Fahrenheit, Show Luo, Super Junior, SS501, Ayaka, 2AM. I'm kpop maniac ke ke ke ke
When I have time,I like learning new languages. I can speak german, english, spanish (more mexican dialect), lithuanian (because it's my native languages) and a lil bit of portuguese (brazilian dialect) and romanian. Now I'm trying to learn korean, japanese and mandarin.
Most of my friends say that I'm sick fangirl. And they're right!I'm sick TVXQ's fangirl!!!!And I'm going to support my 5 boys till the day I die.
Also I like other boys like Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Ki, Kato Shigeaki, Tamayama Tetsuji, Koyama Keiichiro, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya,Yamapi, Takkey, Ikuta Toma, Uchi, Fahrenheit boys, Jerry Yan, Mike He, Shinee boys, Changmin (2AM), Jokwon, Jang Geun Suk, Hongki, Tony (H.O.T),SS501 boys and Super Junior boys... Oh I think, there more, but I just cannot write full list here kekekeke
I'm addicted to boyXboy love!Ahm, I just like couples like Yunjae,Yoosu, Akame, Kokame, Ryouchi, Tomapi, Donglun, Hanchul, Eunteuk.
My new passion is watching variety shows, my faves are We got married, strong heart, star king, hello baby, cartoon KAT-TUN, oh my school (100 points out 100), star golden bell, dream team. I liked soo much Love Letter, X-man.

That's all ~
Always keep the faith! Always drawing W~


taraneh 01 Jan, 2014
Happy New Year ^^
taraneh 08 Dec, 2013
Hi ^^ I added you, hope that's fine :)
foreverxorxnever 01 Nov, 2013
Heirs is so effing good!!!!!
right? :D
minjung 08 Jul, 2013

Saw your comment on Ai Ore! page.
I couldn't find it in dl either, but i've been able to finally watched it in streaming :)
Here's the link: Dailymotion

Hope it helps ^^
9miho 08 Jul, 2013
Wow that's a lot of completed dramas!! Do you mind recommending a good Korean drama to me? I can't find one that catches my attention
bluelily 01 Jan, 2013
Happy New Year! :)

My highlights are for korean dramas it would be Rooftop Prince, King2Hearts, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Faith, Nice Guy
And as for japanese dramas Strawberry Night, Hungry! and Rich Man Poor Woman
But I'm much more into K-dramas again currently ;)
bluelily 28 Dec, 2012
Thank you!
I'm fine, too...busy as usual at end of year ^^
By the way, which dramas would you consider as your highlights in 2012?
bluelily 25 Dec, 2012
How are you doing? Long time no see ^^
Merry Christmas! :)