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flcl 02 Sep, 2010
Shiroi Haru

"one thing i hated is the final scenes !! the scene of the Yakuza man who killed Harou was unexpectedly stupid !! I mean he was so full of revenge as if his father was killed yesterday !! not 10 years ago ! not to mention that he saw Harou on Episode 5 I think and didn't think of killing him until the final episode =\"

He wasn't full of revenge, you noticed how scared he was? Knowing he would go in prison once he kills that guy, but he had to kill him because it was his father and I can't remember if he was yakuza himself or if the father was yakuza, but if that was so then he has no choice but to kill the killer of his father cos they are Yakuza, it's to honor him. a "forced revenge".

Also, he only saw him at hotel and on street, it's not like he would know right away where he lives/works so it needs time, also preparing for the murder takes time, planning it, though he didn't do much planning. And the reason it happened in the final episode is because there is no reason to continue the drama when the main character is dead... lol..

"totally boring !

the first two episodes were great but then the plot turned out to be horrible !! it's as if the writer was trying to force your tears out!"

Perhaps it can be boring but what kind of drama isn't boring? (answer this to me once you respond.) Say you watch an action movie, why it is not boring? Because you watch all those scenes where the main actor fights the bad guys and does some crazy shit, you pay attention to them, the more attention you pay the less boring it becomes. Same applies for this drama, you must pay attention to the things it offers for it not to be boring. Concentrate. For drama like this you must pay attention to characters and their bonds, because it is the main thing. Now if you fail to grasp some things from this drama, it will become boring. But I guess it was not to your taste. I'm interested in why you started watching this? What did you want to see in it? Main actor fighting bad guys after getting out of prison?

SO, for not drama to be boring, you must create the thing in your head as complete as you can and it becomes awesome. However there are dramas that are boring even if you do this such as Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu, but Shiroi Haru isn't one of them. The plot in Shiroi Haru is very rich. And the writer didn't force you to cry, what happened is that you failed to create this story in your head and you couldn't understand the characters, how can you cry for someone you don't know? If you knew the character, then it might work.

ame66 18 Jun, 2010
haha .;] One of the best for me ;]
ame66 21 May, 2010
binbou danshi and tokyo dogs is <3
greenjoker 26 Apr, 2010
hey there
I saw you were looking for the Ghost Train movie
have you found it yet?

If not I searched it for you 8D
you can take it from here
I know it's a franch forum but they have and english version of the film ( ^^)b
and the links are working

sorry for the randomness X___X
zaharisa 10 Apr, 2010
He-he... :)

I always drop comments everywhere, but they aren't many people to respond them :) Actually- you are the second person who did that at all :)
zaharisa 08 Apr, 2010
Hi. You replied on my comment for Miura Haruma. Thank you :)