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Ellos, Im Christie, you could also call me Rosy if you like. ^^ About me...well, for starters, Im a big anime, k-pop, asian drama, music fan!!! LOVE EM ALL...XD Im 22 years old, a college student, and Im taking life slowly! I also LOVE editing videos for Youtube and friends, etc. I edit to anime and asian dramas.

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lonekitty 03 Nov, 2014
WHAAAAAT???!! NOOOO! It was what I feared when I read an interview by the actor saying it had a unique ending. ;(
lonekitty 03 Nov, 2014
how was the ending for spring days? I still have the last 4 eps to catch up on but was curious if it had a happy ending?
lonekitty 16 Aug, 2014
LOL I added anime too but 250 is still quite a feat. It's ok. I'm the same way :)
lonekitty 09 Aug, 2014
400+ dramas? OTTOKE? I barely reached 100 after 3 years #impossiblyslow
hebaraa89 26 Aug, 2013
hey .. ^^
how you doin and how's ur collage ?
hebaraa89 20 Aug, 2013
oh ... i just finished my college ... good luck to you .. enjoy it to max and gather lots of memories it's the best days of you life hehe
hebaraa89 16 Aug, 2013
i'm fine ^^
what about you ?
hebaraa89 17 Jul, 2013