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Tv show eater, in constant search of new discoveries, need music in my life and love all forms of art. And food.

What I want to watch :
bromance, friendship, sci-fi, rom-com, comedy, crazy characters, chemistry, food, music, high-school, angsty teens, family that depicts relationship between siblings.

What I don't want to watch :
Medical, politics, law (bottom line : workplace dramas), procedural, uber over-acting, fan-service abuse.


There's a first for everything

Jdrama : Hana Yori Dango
34 dramas completed
Kdrama : The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
32 dramas completed - 30th : I Hear Your Voice
TWdrama : Devil Beside You
3 dramas completed


thefreak 09 Oct, 2015
Yeah, that's really silly xD As in 'good luck with that one'!!! xD I don't have enough time at hands to watch everything going on. I need to select to survive this addiction *lol*

That's exactly the case with HJE in almost every drama! She always does that and I find it annoying, but in the end, I think it's what makes the character likeable~~ her own charme~~~ HJE and PSJ's relationship is based on completely different things here, it's not creepy at all, it's really adorable :)

I don't like Siwon as a person, but I'm really glad he finally skipped those cool and chic characters and went for the hilarious and goofy :D He nails them.

Already on my list ^^ I'm waiting for a few more episodes and then I'm going to start that one too
thefreak 09 Oct, 2015
So, here I am (showered and rested ;P)

She Was Pretty is such a difficult show! I love it a lot, but there are so many things going on which can easily turn my opinion around, as the characters are both 1. amazingly awesome and 2. really hateful and annoying.
In the end, it's still a K-drama, and the writers totally show that (which I hate), but I just love the characters!!! >//< Siwon's doing an amazing job! He has by far the most outstanding character and I'm now mainly watching the show to see his character and his interactions with the others. The other actors/actresses are playing well too, though Siwon's just so surprisingly good xD
Hwang Jeong Eum always overdoes her roles, and I can totally relate to people not liking her. But I strangely find myself liking her characters. She needs time to calm down *lol*

Yeah, well, I love that show, though it frustrates me at times. I watch it for the bunch of adorable and endearing characters. Not sure if that helped X'D
thefreak 08 Oct, 2015
Nahh, you're not bothering me ^^
But please give me a nights rest so I can answer you tomorrow, when I'm freshly showered and....not tired xDD
thefreak 30 May, 2015
Yeah, but I think the soundtrack got a lot better in the second half (the first one was awful!) ^^
What I found most disappointing about GWSS was that all the character traits which were introduced as important in the beginning became convenient plot addition in the end, so that the "mystery" could be milked for about 8 episodes.....
Angry Mom had so many awesome characters! Especially the supporting ones grew onto me! :) Bok Dong-ie though, will forever be my favourite! <3 I love those kind of characters too and I even imagined Bok Dong to suddenly meet with Heung Soo and Nam Soon so that they could comfort each other! xD <333


thefreak 18 May, 2015
You're always smarter afterwards xD Now I would definitely recommend to start watching Angry Mom as the drama was better as a whole overall (though GWSS isn't finished yet). The music makes a complete 180° turn about half way through! I wonder if they changed the one resposible for that :'D
I was so excited with the first half of GWSS but now I'm barely hanging on :( Although the main couple is still cute and I like the dynamic but....the great picture isn't that good anymore.
thefreak 18 Apr, 2015
Hi there :D I'm good, thanks.

Well, if you ask me I'd say you should watch Girl Who Sees Smell first; both drama are good so far but I have some issues with Angry Mom. The background music and the soundtrack from the latter are the worst I've ever heared! It totally ruins the mood. And the bad characters are a bit too dull and cruel for my liking. But the plot and the topic are great and the main characters really awesome! And if you've finally reached episode 8, you're gonna squeal because of the cuteness of a certain character :D
But if I have to chose, I'd go with Girl Who Sees Smell. Yoochun's drama are either hit or miss and until now, GWSS is definitely a hit. The story idea isn't nearly as strange as it sounds, Yoochun is damn adorable and Shin Se Kyung really entertaining. Only thing I really don't like so far is that they're giving barely enough hints about the big case for us to not feel frustrated. ^^'

Hope that helped :)
Random chan 24 Sep, 2014
XD omg. Thank you so much for the support! You're official my favourite user on mdl today :P!
thefreak 30 Mar, 2014
Season 4 is going to come out this summer so that's probably the best time to catch up ;) I hate to wait, especially for Teen Wolf Q___Q This show is so addicting.....especially Stiles *drooling* You will love him, I promise! You can't not love Stiles *hehe*


Join the dark side, we have Dylan O'Brien XDD