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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




xxmai 22 Apr, 2018
Hey~ Sorry about that. Fixed it up now. ^^
blobfish 02 Nov, 2017
Jen, I got to download Mother 3 in English! I haven't played it much, but it works well and I can't wait to play the game! The game was never released outside of Japan. :D
sarangimnida 16 Feb, 2017
Ní maith liom é chomh mór sin ar fad. Níl eolas dá laghad agam aige... Chonaic mé C tatiníonn an scannán sin. Cén sórt scannáin atá ann?
airchaos 28 Apr, 2016
Thank you very much for your reply!
I've followed your instructions and submitted my edit suggestion!

Have a great day!
thekissinkate 12 Oct, 2015
Hello there noddlemouth :)
I have a question again regarding the role submissions for music videos: If I submit someone as a producer or writer, he/she is then counted as the producer/writer of the music video, not the song, right?
Have a nice day ^.^
thekissinkate 23 Sep, 2015
Hi there ;)
So I watched a few live performances and Jeong Jae Won (the drummer) doesn't sing. Lee Jae Gyeong (the guitarist) and Lee Jeong Hun (the bassist) do some backing vocals.
I'll have a look at the respectitive songs again.
dutchviola 26 Jun, 2015
yup, chingu means friend so it means male friend and female friend = it also counts as boyfriend and girlfriend.
blobfish 21 Jun, 2015
Kurogane Ken
Nakajima Michitsune
Yukiru Sugisaki
Satomi Ikewawa
Milk Morinaga
Mochizuki Jun

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