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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




monjaelisa 18 Jan, 2014
My goodness.. Ikr? xx
And the anju and kafei quest.. totally among the most adorable ones in the game.. yet the last day.. you're so short on time with regards to all that needs to be done.. and I remember always hating the ''bandits hideout'' part of obtaining Kafei's sun's mask o:
yet, they were so cute together.. Its hard to believe.... that kafei.. is indeed a grown up man... engaged to anju.. concidering.. as he found himself in her arms.. he looked like he could be her son x-x
that curse is a wicked one.. I wish they showed you more for anju's wedding tho o:
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
yea XDD that's really hillarious...
I almost did the same error... completely unaware... :3
hmm... about the secret scenes and endings in majoras mask.. did you ever see the last day clip of cremia and her little sister..?
that completely broke my heart.. had me in tears... ''I aknowledge you as an adult now... Its why I'll let you.. taste the milk tonight'' x_x
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
Yea, they weren't scary atall to me.. simply..
they got really annoying once you got closer to them... and they screamed.. you need to be faster to react in tww with the redeads.. than what you were in OOT >>
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
and yea, I did... ^^ its pretty hillarious.... xDDD
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
yea, I kinda avoid them by all means o.o its usually only 1-2 times in one game.. I kill them.. as you can pass all the ones in the game quite easily.. even the final one.. if you keep your distance... it won't get you.. its to slow to stand up at the right times xDD suns song is a great alernate.. yet I pretty much never used it.. as usually its faster to just kill the zombie than to play the song in overall ^^
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
surely hope not o.o then I might have killed him quite a few times by now xDD
let's stay with the poeguy theory...
and yea.. I think.. that guy was just... really bored.. wanting something to happen.. and something did happen.. alltho I doubt he liked the obvious turn of events.... >>'
meh, the sad theory of the guard that dies.. probably helping zelda and impa flee the castle..... still lingers in my head now.. giving me more to think about... yet if its truly as seen.... he was talking about his family.. and for you to let them know.. he loved them....
he'll come back for them... just.. you were never able to tell.... and you never saw them again... or even.. you don't even know.. which one his wife would be.... xx
monjaelisa 17 Jan, 2014
never thought about that o.o
but yea xD I suppose that would be possible.. reincarnated.. or posessed a living man... using your collection of poes.. as his means to come back.. and be with his family.. not knowing the world of hyrule has turned into true missery... his family likely not even being alive anymore.. even less possible in the house they were in before...
Would be a sad story tho.. if he came back as himself.. only to realise... his family... all passed /x-x\
monjaelisa 16 Jan, 2014
yea.. it was pretty sad... I found out about it 3 years ago or so.. randomly walking into the area o.o
was pretty sad.. the words he spoke.. they almost had me in tears ._. but only almost x-x
but yea.. I too went for years loving the game.. before I saw it o.o was amazing.. felt like I learnt something completely new about zelda at that time :3