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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




punkbeetle 14 Jun, 2014
Haha was thinking about linking them up too, but none of the tags was fitting.
oh and here comes the best part about Princess Zelda Noods, Zelda isn't even that in all games >_<''

In Skyward Sword she was not a princess, not did she became one, You could also argue that she was a Queen in Twilight Princess, sure she wasnt coroneted yet, but she was clearly in charge.
In Phantom Hourglass their was no Hyrule, so she lost her Title by default.

Surely I have mentioned me owning Hyrule Historia before ? XD Bought it with my first salary, I love that book, it has for a nice spot on my bookshelf.

Btw if you just skip over the general timeline and the sections talking about the games ye still want to play, you can read without any major spoilers.
Though I understand your hesitance.
punkbeetle 14 Jun, 2014
Thinking about what I should add on Zelda's profile, I mean I want to write her synopsis but referring to her as
Hylia reborn
would be a spoiler lawl, man, its kinda hard to write something when the origin is a spoiler, same with Sheik, I mean, is it okay to say that she is Zelda, the secret has been out for more than 15 years already, however, some people still complain about it.

Anyway, think i'm gonna use my Hyrule Hystoria as reference, man seems it really does come in handy XD
punkbeetle 13 Jun, 2014
O_O'' uhm kay XD
I do have to ask why though, its not like we can add Twilight Princess itself ?
Oh well, Nice work Noods ^_^'', guess I will add chara's and some synopses to titles soon.

Btw In the Netherlands we have heard if we passed our yearly school exams, have ye gotten your result in ?
punkbeetle 13 Jun, 2014
Well E3 is finished, hope they will do a treehouse show again anyway, so how many chara's did ye add ?
punkbeetle 13 Jun, 2014
Seems Smash will be up next.

And haha, it always the little things that get ya.
But why did ye share a savefile, OOT had 3 slots O_O''
punkbeetle 13 Jun, 2014
Ehhh Steam is being played now, no interest, kinda getting sleepy to bah >_<'' still haven't watched my anime nor played on the wii lol.

Even borrowed some games from my Bro.
Got NFS:2 Underground
DBZ Tenkaichi budokai 3
TMNT Smash Up.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
LOl, you should have seen the girls play Captain Toad, they were ALL swooning.
Goiong awwwww and Cuuuuuute~Kira Kira~!

I almost got myself a Toad hat since he was so populair with da ladies, I want to emulate that casanova O_O'' yes i'm jealous of a mushroom, dont judge meeeee.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Oh yeah Noods, Hyrule warriors is next.