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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Isnt her name Blobfish ? Blob Fishy O_O''
Oh auch, especially since Melee is still priced at 30.

I was thinking about doing that, however, I also like that I can separate my Drama and Anime/manga by having two accounts, also MDL's anime listings really isnt complete.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
I just like to give people Nicknames, Noods O_O''
Ehh to be fair, I was the same from Melee to Brawl and from Street fighter II to IV... and from blablabla, yet get my point.

O_O'' HA, well I ALWAYS win XD
Won through bluffpoker.

O_O'', so ehh you wanna see my anime list >_<'' some of them I have dated and you can actually see how long I already have ''busy'' with them >_<''
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Ahha, and Fishy was also something like 4 years older right ?

Lol, yeah I also played the Wii version once, got annoyed at that bloody wheel and for not knowing the tracks( was playing against a friend) so I just opted to play something we both knew, do want to buy it once though.

Cool, I will forward you my stats as well then, ROLLERCOSTER DAMN YOU!!!

Haha, yeah it has been a yearly show again since 2000, If ye are interesting, I could give ye a few of my favorites.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Lol, well you can always watch Kai for the streamlined version, if yer having time constraints.

Lol, Sister cannon FIRE, so how much younger is she than you ?
But yeah, DD is awesome, I still pop him in every now and then, Rainbow Ride and Baby Park FTW

I challenge you to a Baby Park off, do a time trail and tell me yer best result =p

Yup, I learned multiple animals from the Kamen Rider OOO's songs, lemme show ya:
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Well, in his defense... it was hilarious and a testimony of his skill XD also it motivated me to learn how to do the Hadoken the moment I got my hands on a street fighter game... also I kinda... did it way later to my own little bro XD

We have a unwritten rule in my family, everything you got put through... is fair game, however in return you can do that to the next in line.

Original Smash was boss, Saffron city and Mushroom Kingdom were cool.
Shame Pikachu got nerfed quite hard in Melee, though his side kick was indeed too powerful though.

Ohh, thx for the lessons =O and actually I I do that too, making links to pop culture while trying to learn stuff.
Like when i hear/read the word ''Uta'' I always think of ''Tori no Uta'', the opening song of AIR.

Lol, really now O_o''
But yeah, not an English native nor an English native speaker, had to learn it the hard way... by watching Dragon ball Z XD
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
It looked fun yeah XD
You really saw everyone poking fun at the bowser player and visa versa.

In my family only Me, my bro and my cousin are big gamers, the moment I won from my cousin for the first time is on of my treasured memories, it was on Smash64 btw PIKA POWER!!

Especially since whenever we would play Street Fighter, he would be a dick and spam hadokens lawl, couldn't even jump over then back then XD

Anyway, they are still showing off Smash4 btw, looks fun, got to see some Zelda-hime ( I know Japanese O-O'') Gameplay.

Kanji >-<'' I do want to learn kata and hira though, even got a spreadsheet printed out years ago, just haven't gotten to it.
I first need to improve on my English, It has been slipping as of late.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
LOl You can play as bowser against other players in MP10
Were now switching to Smash brothers.

Gaming Mum ? Radical man, is she any good, would be ace is she turns out to be a master Pacman player.

XD man, you just feel owned when you come across stuff on tests that ye havent even covered, happened to me a couple of times to, so we just protested lol.
punkbeetle 12 Jun, 2014
Yeah, I feel old lol, I still remember playing Street fighter II and Super mario Bros, those numbers like the ones on Mario party depresses me >_<''
Really now, Yoshi Power, did Fishy play too, or were ye just rocking the CPU boat.

Exam JP O_O'', you must be one smart chick since ye could take that as a course.
Though what a hilarious situation ye got yerself in, the fear in their eyes must have been incredible.