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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




nog1 07 Feb, 2014
Konbanwa !
monjaelisa 07 Feb, 2014
indeed o.o also kokiri forest is but a small place.. I get a feel that not many new people surface... I wonder how people reacted when Link really came to the forest.. if they all really are older than him.... did they realise... that he was a hylian..? and if so.. how come they never told him...
would the kokiri race truly.... hide this from him knowingly..?
and also, why does mido hate Link so much.. is it truly jealously due to Saria.... or is it something else..? perhaps something happened in the past that he was to witness.. and he's surpressing the trauma by hating on link...
or simply being jealous.. knowing a ''foreginer'' if there is no better words.... to come into the forest.... simply, taking over....

then that leads to the overall questions.. do the kokiri's know there truly are gorons, zoras, hylians out there..?
sarangimnida 05 Feb, 2014
Nope. Will check it now.
sarangimnida 05 Feb, 2014
Thanks for accepting my titles *hugs*
monjaelisa 01 Feb, 2014
that is actually a theory I can understand... indeed, they do fight you... but they only see you from a distance as they surface.. and its possible they can get a whiff of you.. that unlike what your clothing states.. you aren't a kokiri.. but a hylian.. defending themselves as they get up close to you....
such tragic fates tho.. if they truly are kokiris... yet that would also mean.. that kokiris have strange skeletons o.o
afterall, the stalfosses never followed you into the door of the kokiri.. maybe they were indeed trying to chase you back...
so many theories... xx
monjaelisa 29 Jan, 2014
Maybe, maybe not.. not quite sure.. both are very well possible.. but that fact that Mido was out.. made me wonder...
yet, even before Ganondorf gained control of hyrule... before Zelda fled... Hyrule Field would still be a dangerous place to venture for the young kokiris with the stalfoss skeletons... and the peahats.. o:
monjaelisa 28 Jan, 2014
Yea, clearly.. it was mentioned in ocarina of time by the deku tree..''the kokiri will die if they leave the forest, but you as a hylian are free to leave however you pleas'' I'm not sure quite what it is tho.. but there clearly is something.. differenting the atmosphere from the kokiri one, from the hylian... its in a shield.. truly.. so this might be it.. maybe, people of the kokiri race.. are unable to breathe in the same air as hylians do..? or maybe they're not how they are shown as atall.. simply illusions to your eye in ocarina of time... the people might be there.. yet not as the people.. you see them as...
Saria was a special case.. yet she was the 2nd sage o.o so she also has spiritual powers enpowering her side... as for any of the others.. they're never shown trying to leave... nor leaving atall.... aside of the ending sequence... I find that oddly confusing tho.. as this makes me wonder abit about my own theory.. in the ending credits.. you do for a fact.. see Mido.. sitting in lon lon ranch.... o:
monjaelisa 18 Jan, 2014
Yea, majoras mask is a game very much unlike any others.. especially in the Zelda series.. there is only one majoras mask... :3
its an amazing game... one can't do without it.. <3

And yea, I know the feel... o.o that particular part of the anju and kafei quest... it was pretty difficult for me too to begin with...
took a few attempts.... yet now I can nail it without issues.. its just really puts the pressure on you, seeing the mask pretty much gets closer and closer to the ending... <<'