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About Me:

Name: Pure
Age: 18

Favorite Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Music, Action
First J-Drama: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
First K-Drama: You're Beautiful
First T-Drama: Extravagant Challenge
First Variety: Running Man

Favorite K-Drama: Dream High
Favorite K-Movie: Werewolf Boy
Favorite J-Drama: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Favorite Kpop Groups: VIXX, T-ARA, BEAST, NU'EST
Ultimate Biases: Eunjung, Leo, Dongwoon, Amber, Henry, Xiumin



vanelya10 07 Jul, 2012
A LOOOT :D with dramas ive finished some j-dramas like Buzzer Beat or Yukan club or BANDAGE(movie great one should watch) and with animes ive returned 2 my old self when i used 2 watch 4-5 animes per day.....ive finally started Katekyo Hitman Reborn, watching Fairy Tail, Shakugan no Shana at season 2 and watching the on-going animes....naruto, hyoka and wanting 2 start some new ones like hakuouki reimerioku(my favorite anime) la storia de la arcana familia, sword online and ive been budy the summer

srry 4 not replying in spain without ineternet(like hell) so ive missed many things......i want so bad homeee 2 tv dramas, animes,k-pop and
chamika 06 Jul, 2012
vanelya10 16 Jun, 2012
hey ;P havent seen you for some while....srry that i havent replyed to you or give a sign....i had some many other things on my mind :P sorry are u? how have you been since....apirl 1st(last time we chated) whats new going on in your life? new drama? anime? or something big?.......................................................................................................hope 2 talk more because right now im really really bored :P i finished some dramas, started 2 big animes 2 watch and readed many yaoi mangas :D hehe........the rest....
what about you?
vanelya10 01 Apr, 2012
i know you dont like historical dramas but when u decide to see one believe me :)) ask me for a historical drama, im sure you will like what i would give you.....just trust me on this, historical+romance make the best dramas(when the hero falls in love with the princess but he cant be with her because he has a fiancee who he dosn't love her, and yet the princess love only the hero......................or or......................when the king of joseon-korean in these days- falls in love for the first time with a woman who becomes after his queen yet they are separated when the queen is murdered by magic, the king marries another one and the girls must again return to him and reveal all the truth.....) see these kind of story plots have these historical dramas.......

believe me, historical have the most heart-breaking love stories but the most pure ones 2:)))) just have the guts to try one...the hard part is to start...i know how it is

out of the dramas now: srry but if u will reply to this message then i wont reply 2 u soon :((( i am leaving in a field-trip for the whole week so i wont be at home....when i get back i hope to discuss more about what ive missed and other things OK???? sorry but hope u wont feel lonely without me, half-sister :))) love u :*** bye bye....vanesa :))))
vanelya10 31 Mar, 2012
Well i really looooove romance and historical dramas because they always have cool fighting scene, forbbiden love between different social classes and looot of hot boys, then i like tragical dramas(koizora) when the characters die (even if i hate the idea of death) i still love 2 cry for the characters even if they aren't dead(i mean the actors) then i like dramas taken from popular mangas (hana kimi, mei-chan no shitsuji, ouran...) really funny when u see them and of course action dramas in which involves romance, gun-shots, shooting the main characters(prefer when the main actress is shot! more dramatical like City hunter, King 2 Hearts) and martial arts when (again) it involves love (Duelist).........

dont like sci-fi, military, police, horror, psichologic, medical, mystery
like school-life,romance, tragic, historical, martial-arts, action, life, suspense, comedy, youth, fantasy, vampire

ohh yeah....almost forgot...i started 2 like yaoi dramas\movies (srry if u dont like 2 hear about this type) i really wanted to start a movie so i ended up 2 watch tooo many :P.....results....reallly reallly brained fucked up :)))) but happy

vanelya10 30 Mar, 2012
the sungkyunkwan scandal is veryyyyy cool, im watching it 2, its great :)))))
and about mary dont worry about her, u dont need 2 know because in the end she will be very happy :))) thats all that im telling u :P
vanelya10 29 Mar, 2012
nice ;) episode 6 keep up the good job
i know that its hard for others to start liking historical dramas but i reeeeeeeeally recommend you to try watching them. The historical dramas are sooooo dramatic and incredible, after first ep you are so into it, try only iljimae or The king and the clown (both with the same main actor) you just cant resist the story and the cute and hot boy :))))) just try if not i give up and i wont talk 2 you.....NEVER....EVER.....AGAIN T.T T.T T.T
vanelya10 29 Mar, 2012
who are those bitches who said those things!!! ILL CUT THEM ALL AND THEIR HAIR!!! he is amazing and soooo cute and loving......but he did cut hir hair kinda for love rain but its not that bad because in the half of the drama he has it a loot longer.
it may be this a great news for you to hear that he has more dramas with loong hair :)))) watch the movie Your my pet with him and the historical drama Hong Gil dong (thats a drama with looooong hair, hope that you wont go insane)
well i searched and i thought and ive realized that ive seen some dramas with hot cute boys + long hair, but most of them are historical(i love historical dramas) if you like them 2 then try watching: Warrior Baek Dong Su, The king and the clown(movie), Iljimae, Duelist(movie), Tamra Island, and....thats all for now at least :))) if you want to restart watching dramas try with the basic :)) these are(i hope) what you are looking for :P