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ano natsu, ichiban shizuka na umi. film
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kamen rider w TV
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terra e... animation
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uchuu senkan yamato 2199 animation
Kajiura Yuki person
Hide person
Kuroneko person
Hirasawa Susumu person
Valshe person
Ga In person
Ichihara Yuuko character
Ayanami Rei character
Balsa character
Roberta character
Rias Gremory character
Vash The Stampede character


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noodlemouth 12 Sep, 2017
Robot 1: You are already dead.
Robot 2: Naniiii? XD

The box is kind of cute XD

And nice cover :D

Good luck today!
noodlemouth 28 Dec, 2016
Looks like Gakupo has a brother. Maybe a clone:
noodlemouth 04 Mar, 2016
noodlemouth 19 Jun, 2015
Bonjour! The characters from Virtue's Last Reward got accepted ^_^
punkbeetle 07 Jun, 2014
Well, Sentai (the show from which Power rangers get their footage from) and Kamen Rider are made by the same company and air back to back, so that they remind you of Power rangers really isnt that weird, heck Sentai and Kamen Rider even crossover ed a few times already.

Anyway, If you ever want to see something Darker while still in the same vein, ye should try Garo.

Anyway, thx for answering, I really was puzzled how you suddenly got a Kamen Rider show on your page ^_^''haha.
punkbeetle 07 Jun, 2014
See that you are watching Kamen Rider W, how did you stumble on that show ?
You don't see that many people watching Kamen Rider, especially one edition that's significantly older than the latest show.
noodlemouth 19 Apr, 2014
sarangimnida 22 Feb, 2014

Could be useful x