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sarangimnida 29 Jun, 2013
ANSON HU does screamo! He has a rock song?!

I'll link you in PM!
sarangimnida 20 Jun, 2013
What was Pure Romance like?
sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
She could hate it but still get good grades.

Craaaaaaaaaaaaap! It's almost six AM here. I was enjoying talking to you so much I didn't notice how late it was! Gotta sleep for a few hours. Got a lot to do tomorrow! Love you! Night!

BTW... Mentioned you on my WeChat moments. Hope you don't mind ;)

sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
That's disgraceful! The poor girl! What year is she in now?
sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
It's all about doing something you love after you finish school! I know people who should learn this lesson.....

Passenger? My friend Johnny recommended it to me like last week. How weird!
sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
I'll be giving you guys over a hundred songs haha

I'm downloading like 10 JJ LIn songs right now. Listening to one where Leehom plays violin in it: One Shot. It's all in English :O He also sings that song "Saranghaeyo." It's in Chinese, English and Korean <3

Patterns, movement and meaning.... Hmmm.... Sounds about right. Try out more realistic stuff for sure.
sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
I'm happy to listen to any of the music you guys have been getting recently.

Still listening to JJ Lin. Google him. So handsome!!

Keep up your art for sure!
sarangimnida 18 Jun, 2013
So. Many. Video. Games. *drool*

I'm downloading a few of JJ Lin's songs now. So much music to give you when I get home. Mostly Chinese and Western pop!