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shaman king animation
toki wo kakeru shoujo animation
ookami kodomo no ame to yuki animation
Jo In Seong person
Ji Seong person
Gong Hyo Jin person
Kimura Takuya person
Go Hyeon Jeong person
Bae Du Na person
Hana character
Oosaki Nana character
Roy Mustang character
Monkey D. Luffy character


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kitsun 20 Oct, 2015
You're drunk.
elena 27 Jul, 2015
LA MULTI ANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D
deppycn 21 Jul, 2015
don't look at me like that!!!!! *hugs*
aroon 19 Jul, 2015
lmao, you sounded like you were leaving farewells or something. The hugs I can take! ^_^
aroon 19 Jul, 2015
You seem to be so hardworking that there is no doubt :) PLUS I WILL GIVE ALL MY LUCK TO YOU!!!! Well, I don't really think where do I use my money so, it's hard to save xP I don't deny clubbing being big part of my life though lol. but nothing to worry about!!! haha
aroon 19 Jul, 2015
Oo, sounds nice. I have always liked english but here getting study it is really hard since it's so popular :P Do you plan moving if you get in?
Yeah..I don't have a school but at least I have MONEY mwhahahwaha. Which are disappearing pretty fast with my lifestyle though xD
I plan on studying travel industry, I have always been interested about that. Also I actually have changes to get in with my english and knowledge :3
aroon 19 Jul, 2015
Oh, I'm sure you will pass though! :) What would you study in there? Omg you just made me remember my own entrance exam. There was this scary interview and I totally failed. I still laugh for it when I think about it D:D::D:D:D:D:D::D:D::DDDD:D:D::D:D
Cleaning company..lmao. I actually like there, my salary is good so I can manage :P
Thanks duf!! <3 It was really a miracle that I survived hahahha.
aroon 18 Jul, 2015
You lucky bastard, I applied to college but I didn't get in. But at least I graduated...barely... Currently I'm working and searching my own place. Next year I will try again! I wont give up, haha. I'm bit busy with work but otherwise I'm good. Still the same drunk lol