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oldboy film
doh lok tin si film
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dalmaga dongjjogeuro gan kkadalgeun? film
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ergo proxy animation
tsumiki no ie animation
cowboy bebop animation
sunabouzu animation
shigurui animation
koukaku kidoutai: stand alone complex animation
Beat Takeshi person
Kim Gi Deok person
Asano Tadanobu person
Nagase Tomoya person
Morita Douji person
Bae Yong Gyun person
Inuyasha character
Mizuno Kanta character
Kusanagi Motoko character
Spike Spiegel character
Ichihara Yuuko character
Sakata Gintoki character


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sionsono 10 Oct, 2014
Did you seriously rate Lee Byeong Heon with one star?
otwen 01 Oct, 2014
forestmaiden71 18 Aug, 2014
Sorry, it doesn't end then. I still can't find when it ended. I just know it started in 2010. Here's the source -
nightrainboww 08 Apr, 2014
where? o_O
sionsono 17 Mar, 2014
Nur geht so? Mir geht's hervorragend.

Just seen that you're watching True Detectives. Excellent TV Series. Only on episode 3 though? 4 will blow your mind.
sionsono 10 Mar, 2014
wie geht's nanooki?
sionsono 09 Mar, 2014
Knock knock!
daredaniel 18 Feb, 2014
it's pretty cool, I've put over 70 hours into it and might beat it in the next days.