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Filipino Dramas

- On the Wings of Love (★★★★★)

- Dolce Amore (87/-)
- Born for You (50/-)
-Till I Met you (11/-)

- Mara Clara
- Tayong Dalawa
- Sana Maulit Muli
- Maging Sino Ka Man
- Muling Buksan Ang Puso
- Iisa Pa Lamang
- Got to Believe


stellybish 06 Apr, 2013
Haha yeah xD
But at the moment I'm watching only 2 dramas - Nine and the new Japanese version of Playful Kiss /the 1st ep was... awful xD/
I just finished That Winter, The Wind Blows a few hours ago & I totally loved it!!! Amazing drama T___T
& now I plan to start this one
Also this one started airing today *-* I was really looking forward to it! So yay! xD
stellybish 03 Apr, 2013
The longest drama I've seen is 30 eps and it was okay *o*
I started watching one with 36/68 eps but.. gave up after the 20th ;w;
I'm gonna continue it some day.. but just.. not now xDD haha
stellybish 02 Apr, 2013
Yes, almost a month ;w;
Well I'm good today ^^ I went for a walk to another city today and it was great! *-*
I saw you are watching You're The Best, Lee Sun Sin
I really wanted to watch that drama too but... 50 episodes ;w; It's too much T__T
stellybish 01 Apr, 2013
Uaaah hello ^____^
OMG!!! Thunder <333
You know how to surprsie me!!! haha
How are you? :)
stellybish 05 Mar, 2013
Huh yeah.. very unhealthy but what to do ;w;
stellybish 26 Feb, 2013
Well, when I watch a drama I try to not get distracted xD
stellybish 25 Feb, 2013
I prefer watching on the comp xD
Auuuh, a pity ;w; Don't worry! You'll gain new ones soon! *-* xD
stellybish 23 Feb, 2013
Lawl yes xD
That's how I used to watch animes >_>
Just skipped a few seconds and stuff ~
Maybe that's why I managed to finish 700 animes in 3 years xD
Some of them had 100+ eps lol
And let's nopt talk about manga cuz.... I was addicted o.o" I have completed over 1300 >_>"
Have you watched/read animes/mangas? =p
& yes, here in my country there's one music channel where they they play K-pop Music Videos ;w;
Sadly I don't have it but one close friend of mine has it and I've watched Secret's Poison & B.A.P's Warrior *-*
Daamn, on that big screen! It was awesome!
& they actually aired a few Korean dramas in my country xD
Iris, Pasta and 1000 Years? something xD With Heechul in it ~
But I watched only Iris *-*