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Filipino Dramas

- On the Wings of Love (★★★★★)

- Dolce Amore (87/-)
- Born for You (50/-)
-Till I Met you (11/-)

- Mara Clara
- Tayong Dalawa
- Sana Maulit Muli
- Maging Sino Ka Man
- Muling Buksan Ang Puso
- Iisa Pa Lamang
- Got to Believe


stellybish 17 Feb, 2013
I see *-*
I usually don't make videos that are londer by 1 minute cuz... I get tired of the song and stuff xD
All of the vids I've made are made for a few hours xD Between 2-5 hours ~ That's how much I spend on editing xD
I like Korea's history too *-* But for me politics don't help me like the drama more >_>" Just a disadvantage for me so xD
Haha okay... we are all stalkers xDD
Pff that's not much at all xDD You have no idea what kind of messages I've seen! xDD
stellybish 16 Feb, 2013
Thanks ^^
Wow... it's hard to say xD
But probably fantasy/school the most *o*
What about you? *-*
stellybish 16 Feb, 2013
Hehe, hello hello ^^
Love your Joonie picture <3
nyappyqueen 20 Dec, 2012
haha You're seeing right! XD Lovely dorks they are...
paulixx27 26 Sep, 2012
ohh yeah same here *.* I wish I could go to Korea just once <333
ahh she's so lucky !
paulixx27 21 Sep, 2012
hehe well me too :D I've never been anywhere overseas too ;((((
I hope someday I will be able to visit other country :)
paulixx27 16 Sep, 2012
hehe I understand ;DD
well Poland is not so big or popular country I think haha :D so I understand you :D
Is it cool ? It's great country, my homeland so it means a lot to me, but well I think on the world there are more amazing places, like for example Korea haha :D But Poland is pretty good too hehe :D
ohh yeaah lucky you it's so close to you *.* <3 and did you visited Korea ?? :)
paulixx27 16 Sep, 2012
ohh it's you hun! :DDDD
yeees I'm from Poland hahaha :D You didn't know that ? :DDD
ahhh and I just realized that you live in Australia :DD I didn't know that too hahaha :D
OMG I envy you ;OO <33 Australia seems for me so... COOL! :DD And so far far away from me haha :D