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Currently I'm watching K dramas, but I started with J dramas. Well, technically I started with TW dramas because I grew up in Taiwan x] I also like to watch K-movies. I gravitate toward romcom and action/mystery.

I also watch a bunch of Korean variety shows, depending on the quests. Some of my favorites are Star Golden Bell, Oh!My School, Idol Weekly, MBLAQ's Sesame Player, Invincible Youth, Hello Baby. Too bad that some of them have been cancelled ;__;

I'm very friendly, so please feel free to drop a line, ask for recommendations/reviews, or share yours ^^


keelin 07 Sep, 2012
Hello dear,
strong female lead I enjoy too ^^ but now you asked for romcom... it's the genre I don't like the most, cuz usually acting in them is terrible!

as for those you mentioned ... oh boy, its almost all 16eps dramas like that lol "Hyena" (like Gentlemen's dignity), with strong female lead --> "protect the boss", "Rude Women", "wonderful life", "Bad Couple", "Little Mom Scandal" etc those was not so bad :) you better ask kiddies for this kind of dramas haha
miafaye 09 Jun, 2012
haha no worries! i dont sign in too often myself but thank you for replying. OMG! *0* that is a lot of titles. i was not expecting so many. this is great! i always get really confused when it comes to variety shows so im sure this will be a tone of help. i have never heard of gagmen or gagwomen but i will look into that. do you have any other site besides youtube and dailymotion? gah! thank you so much!
miafaye 23 Apr, 2012
i don't have 50% compatibility with you so i guess i wont add you . . . but . . . maybe you can help me find some really good variety shows? i have only watched a few random episodes from random shows and it mostly because i just get lost when it comes to finding them.