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bimil TV
tenkuu no shiro laputa animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
gake no ue no ponyo animation
kaze no tani no nausicaƤ animation
bokura ga ita animation
ookami kodomo no ame to yuki animation
Yamashita Tomohisa person
Lee Seung Gi person
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Lee Hong Gi person
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jetsii 04 Aug, 2015
Helppp I need more dramas or movies set in highschool XD
I've been wanting to watch them lately. Know any?
kamilles 03 Jan, 2014
I see you've completed 'just you', is it good? I'm considering watching it. ^__^
nickle4apickle 27 Sep, 2013
There are more people on my list, too. XD I need to re-works my faves though - I didn't know you could only add 6 as faves. ;A;
jetsii 27 Sep, 2013
Woah. Yamapi? Are you serious? It doesn't look anything like him. lol
Do you have the original picture still?
nickle4apickle 27 Sep, 2013
Yo! Hello! :D
jetsii 27 Sep, 2013
Its Hongki right?
jetsii 27 Sep, 2013
Haha It took me awhile to find one that fit right without stretching!
jetsii 27 Sep, 2013
Ah ok. I'll upload a picture now xD
Its been so long since I have been here