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reinajo 16 Sep, 2016
To be honest i liked Healer because of Jung Uk, and it may be boring for you if you don't like the actors so much just like me
reinajo 16 Sep, 2016
now i'm watching Moon Lovers and i can say that this drama is sooo interesting, and actors are wonderful. i start it because of Jun Gi and his role in this drama is the best! i don't know will this drama be quite right to the end, but now it's very good.
reinajo 16 Sep, 2016
Oh i think if you didn't like the beggining it'll be hard to finish for you. but may be you'll like it with time
reinajo 16 Sep, 2016
Yes, I loved the Healer! But the begining was better then ending
reinajo 16 Sep, 2016
I expected more of this drama...there is so typical story and main characters have nothing interesting. and military theme was transmitted with film errors. acting was so so too..i was very boring when i was watching it.
reinajo 16 May, 2015
i see that u started healer~~ its one of my favorite dramas! hope you'll like it
reinajo 16 May, 2015
ooooh i also like my love from another star *o* great drama
reinajo 06 May, 2015
my favorite drama is Pinocchio! it was amazing QwQ so what about yours?