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ladyleen92 05 Jan, 2017
yeah I saw this episode with Taichi!
I'm so excited to their comeback if I'm gonna see them with NEWS <3

but we dunno yet when they're planning to come back 3
ladyleen92 05 Jan, 2017
happy new year <3

this JECD was no fun without KAT-TUN 3
I dunno when they're planning to come back...
ladyleen92 24 Sep, 2012
thank u ^^

KAT-TUN fan <333 Welcome
jeanne 04 Sep, 2012
تماام والحمد لله =)
يب عارفة انها خيالية ، قريت تعليقات كثيرة عنها ماتسر خخخ
لوول وناسة xD
إن شاء الله بتابعها إذا قربت تنتهي ، لاني اخذت على نفسي عهد ماتابع دراما قبل مايخلص عرضها ~__~
jeanne 31 Aug, 2012
هلا ريكا ^^
كيفك إن شاء الله بخير ؟
اشوفك مسوية دروب على دراما لي جون كي؟ مو حلوة ؟
للحين ماشفتها مادري ليش خف حماسي لها *_*
sakura0chan 25 Aug, 2012
It's okay .. I hadn't time too ^^" but it wasn't really nice EID ><

hhhhhhhhhhhhh, nice .. when I tell the people that they don't believe me ><
I love all the johnny's too .. and if I have to choose I'll choose Koyama(NEWS) ..
but I love them all and maybe I'll change it next month XD
I didn't watch movie from a while .. but maybe I'll watch movie : how to date an otaku girl ..
I watch sprout and I couldn't stop!!!!!!! It's very thrilling!! and a little sad =(
I fall in love with hayato <3 <3 <3
jeanne 20 Aug, 2012
فكرة حلوة xDDD
العفو ولو ^_^
وأنتِ بألف خير يارب ، عيدك مبارك
sakura0chan 19 Aug, 2012
yes he isn't the first and not the last insha'a allah XXDD
thank you!! I found another online site <3 I'll watch it when the school start XD
cuz he's an teacher and I'll imagine he's my teacher *lol*
lol I don't like it at first when all the boys fall in love with her .. but they knew how to fix that XD
I finally finish it and the end was really good <3
yes omedetou kat-tun <3 also kisumai will have a weekly show <3
I really LOVE all the johnny's XD
BTW who's you Ichiban?
Happy Eid you 2 dear <3 <3 <3 <3