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Ha Ji Won person


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don't mind my "on hold" number; just listing the unwatched titles I own for.. reasons.

Also, the "reviews" I write are mostly footnotes to myself. They are full of spoilers. You have been warned.


warmlia 17 Apr, 2017
Just listed you!
olszyna 15 Apr, 2017
Hello, I've seen your comment under the drama Chief Kim. The thing they drinking in a drama is a drink made of red ginseng. Very good for health. Here you can read a little bit more about it.
yohxq 27 Feb, 2017
Merhaba! Jo woo jin sayfasındaki yorumun üzerine girdim profiline, favorilerine falan bakıp eklemeye karar verdim. Hatta ingilizce yorum atıyordum tam ama leviathan'ın yorumuyla farkettim sonunda, bizdenmişsin! :') Hem de sıkı dramacı male, wow *-* Genelde stats ve favorilere bakar geçerim, ondan geç farkettim durumu. Neyse listeni stalklayacağım sormadan, ama nezaketen de olsa önden haber vereyim dedim :')
babo 01 Nov, 2016
Hi! I hope you don't mind me adding you, I rarely see anyone sharing as many titels or having such high compability as you. I thought it would be fun to be friends with someone likeminded :)
laydii 01 Jul, 2016
Yes yes I am really sorry >.< I'm so lazy and always forget every time I'm on the point in giving up commenting on a nuthing at all xO
archiejowist 01 Jul, 2015
I like ya... But I really doubt aliens would be concerned about some chinese drama~ I bet it's screenwriter/director's account, ya kno~ (Writing this here, to not spam there since gambling is kinda personal).
leviathan 08 Sep, 2014
Merhaba, güzel favoriler... Türkiye'de nadirdir erkeklerin Japon ve Kore dizi/filmlerine meraklı olması. Takdir ettim. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko izlemek istediklerimden, güzel midir? :)