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Kim Jong Guk, Hong Jin Ho, Park Myeong Su, Haha, Lee Gwang Su, Sin A Yeong, Lee Su Geun, Min Gyeong Hun, Kim Hui Cheol

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So Ji Seop, Yun Gye Sang, Jo Seung U, Go Su, Park Si Ho, Lee Jun Gi, Kim Nam Gil, Yu A In, Song Jung Gi

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Kim Jong Guk, Kim Gwang Seok, Zion.T, Baek Ji Yeong, V.O.S, Big Bang

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Running Man, The Genius, I Can See Your Voice, Knowing Brother

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Iljimae, City Hunter, IRIS, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Cain and Abel, You're Beautiful, Reply 1997, Life, Mask, Oh Hae Young Again, The Princess' Man, Kurosagi, Green Rose, Mischievous Kiss (Korean), Bad Guy, Secret Forest, The Defendant

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The Admiral: Roaring Currents, The Age Of Shadows, The Flu, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned, Thread Of Lies, Inside Men, Blind, A Man Who Was Superman, Hello Ghost, Il Mare, Memoir Of A Murderer.

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1. Running Man (Sunday)
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1. Touch Your Heart.
2. Big Issue.

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SKY Castle.
Temptation Of Wife. [on hold]

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Oh My Geum Bi, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju, Dear My Friends, Five Children.

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Woman Of Dignity, Because This Is My First Life, My Father Is Strange, Girls' Generation 1979, Chicago Typewriter, Mad Dog, Chief Kim, Witch's Court, Fight For My Way, Save Me, Duel, Lookout, Seven Day Queen, Temperature Of Love, Go Back Couple, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, My Golden Life, Criminal Minds, 20th Century Boy And Girl, Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People., While You Were Sleeping.

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Mr. Sunshine, Life On Mars, My Strange Hero, Room No. 9, My Mister, Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food, Mistress, Bad Papa, Laughter In Waikiki, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Come And Hug Me, Ms. Ma, Nemesis, Player, Priest, Hymn Of Death, A Promise With God, Familiar Wife, Wok Of Love, Encounter, Secret Mother, Hand: The Guest, Where Stars Land, Heart Surgeons, Life, Clean With Passion For Now, Miss Hammurabi, Suits, Switch: Change The World, Children Of A Lesser God, Live, Sketch, Mother, Partners For Justice, Return.

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Item, Babel, The Crowned Clown, Haichi, Legal High, Trap, Possession, Love In Sadness.


alaa 25 Jun, 2012
اها تدري انهم صارو كوبل حقيقي يعني تواعدو صدق فانا قلت ان حلو اوشف كويل يبحون حقيقه موو تمثيل
alaa 24 Jun, 2012
بيان شفتي هاذا المسلسل كنت بشوووفه معك
Queen In Hyeon's Man

طيب ايش رايك فيه ؟
hanni12 28 May, 2012
I don't know I never saw the movie, I thought it was like that. Whatever...

I couldn't imagine watching dramas in my own native language, the selection is just too restricted. You should try watching with English subtitles, your English will really improve in a very short time.
hanni12 27 May, 2012
Dr. Jin is kind of fun to watch. I was laughing half of the episode, because it is so funny in it's badness, not like those boring bad ones. Have you already seen the first episode?

It just makes no sense, it is so stupid, the acting is so grating, the characters are so annoying, the production looks so cheap, but I just can't drop it.
hanni12 27 May, 2012
I think they made him18, because of the age of consent or something. 16 would be too young, I don't know we will see when it starts airing.^^

I don't know about Cain and Able, I kind of have enough on my plate...

Stay far far away from Dr. Jin, because that will damage your brain. It is so bad that it is almost good again as a comedy, if you are searching for that then go ahead. ^^
hanni12 26 May, 2012
I read somewhere (Dramabeans?) that he is supposed to be 18. I don't think the drama would be allowed to air, if he stayed 13 or similar ages. Just too inappropriate for TV. I think his behavior would make a lot more sense if they had kept him at 13, would have made things a lot more interesting. Seems to be a more loose adaption...

I thought MGIAG was a lot better in the beginning than in the end. The biggest appeal was the unusual character of Mi Ho, when that started to fade away the drama just lost a whole lot of charm. And honestly, that was it's biggest asset and for me its only one. I don't think the script writing skills of those too are so great, they get lazier with every drama they make.

I kind of loved Sorry, I Love You. It's the only drama that did those pesky "deathly illness" plot well. I cried buckets while watching the last episode and that is really seldom seen.

I hated Cain and Abel. I gave it 2 episodes, then I was running as fast as I could. AWKWARD script...

Old Korean dramas are similar with old Japanese dramas. I'm not really fond of recent Japanese dramas... I kind of find it sad, that old Korean dramas just won't get subbed, there seem to be a lot of hidden gems in that decade. :(
athwag 25 May, 2012
لاحظت ماشاء الله تشوفين
all my love
من وين أخذتي الدراما تعبت وأنا أدوور عليها ماني لاقيتها
ممكن الموقع اللى حملتى منه الحلقات
أنتظر ردك
hanni12 24 May, 2012
I don't know about BIG, the Hongs make me worry, I never liked them, but they seem to get worse with time. But I will watch it, just for Gong Yoo.^^
The trailer was also kind of weird, I mean he is supposed to be a 18 year old and behaves like that? And I foresee a silly beginning and huge amounts of melodrama later on. I don't know...

I also like So JI Sub, but till now there is only one drama I liked him in: Sorry, I Love You. He showed so much potential in that one and just picked crappy projects afterwards. But you didn't like Sorry, I love you?

I'm pretty sure I won't like I Do, I Do. Looks so mediacore and I think if I watch BIG I will fulfill my quota of senseless fluff. XD

In the article AWC is likened to the korean dramas of the 90's and I kind of think so too. I don't know about jdrama... what do you think is similar? It has been a long time since I watched jdrama, the quality just hit rock bottom for the last decade.