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hana yori dango TV
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1 litre no namida TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
kkotboda namja TV
my girl TV
Yun Eun Hye person
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..Hi all ..

.. I'm addicted in watching Asian dramas and movies .. specially J & K Dramas >> they are the BEST .. and now I started watchin TW Dramas .. WOOOOOOOW !!

.. This is the list I already watched and I recommended it to all of you ..

.:: Drama ::.

1 litre of tears (Done)
Hana Yori Dango (Done)
Hana yori Dango II (Done)
Heaven Tree (Done)
Queen classroom (Done)
My Boss, My Hero (Done)
Attention Please (Done)
Gokusen (Done)
Taiyou no Uta (Done)
Tatta Hitotso no Koi (Done)
Nobuta wo Produce (Done)
Rando (lost!!!)
14 Sai no Haha (Done)
First Kiss (Done)
Dragon Zakura (Done)
Kimi wo Petto (Done)
I'm sorry, I love you (Done)
Hana Kimi (Done)
Kurosagi (Done)
Boko to Kanojo no (Done)
Proposal Disakusen (Done)
My Girl (Done)
Goong (Done)
Made in Akihabara (Done)
Summer Snow (ep1)
Brother Beat (Done)
Mop Girl (ep5)
Sapuri (Done)
Pride (Done)
Full House (Done)
Coffee Prince (Done)
Hotaru no Hikari (Done)
Hanayome to Papa (Done)
Hello Miss (ep12)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (Done)
Yamada Taro Monogatari (Done)
Who Are You (Done)
Witch Yoo Hee (Done)
Boys Before Flower (Done)
Atashinchi no Danshi (Done)
Bad Family (Done)
Dal Ja's Spring (Done)
Last Scandal (Done)
The Painter of the Wind (Done)
Meteor Shower (ep 21)
Tokyo Wanakei (ep 7)
You're Beautiful (Done)
Nine Tailed Fox (ep1)
Teppan Shoujo Akane (Done)
Brown Sugar Macchiato (ep2)
Gal Circle (ep1)
Hero (Done)
koukou_kyoushi (ep3)
My Fair Lady (Done)
Princess Ja Myung Go (Done)
Hi My Sweetheart (Done)
Why Why Love (ep12)
Call Of The Country (ep4)
Heading To The Ground (Done)
That Fool (Done)
Mendol (ep2)
Beethoven Virus (Done)
Cinderella Sister (ep19)
Brilliant Legacy (Done)
Personal Taste (Done)
Mischievous Kiss (ep15)
Prosecutor Princess (Done)
Mary Stayed Out All Night (Ep6)
Pick the Stars (Done)
Style (ep )
The venyard Man (ep4)
I am Sam (ep 2)

.:: Movies ::.

Detective Conan
Lovely Complex live action
One Missed Call
The Grudge II
The Sinking of Japan
200 Pounds of Beauty
Koi Sora Madori
Kurosagi - Movie
Attention Please (special)
A Millionaires First Love
Too Beautiful To Lie
Baby and Me
My Little Bride
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant
Miss Gold Digger
Antique Bakery
He was Cool
My Tutor Friend
Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata
Unstoppable Marriage
My Sassy Girl
My Boss My Hero (k-movie)
Hana Yori Dango Movie
Castaway on the Moon
Tidal Wave 2009
Lovely Rivals
Girl Scouts
The Perfect Couple
my boyfriend is type b
The Scissors Massacre 2
Swindler in My Mom's House
Innocent Steps


bayanoh 28 Nov, 2010
i'm fine too
watch it while it's airing, 1 translated ep a week, sure u'll have time
bayanoh 25 Nov, 2010
hey, how have u been? it's been a long time.
anyway, u should watch All My Love! i'm totally in love with it an' i want someone to watch it with me ><
bayanoh 02 Oct, 2010
me too, 3shan k4a kammalth .. bs tnaddmt 8d sh3r ra9ii
weeeeee3.. el musalsal marrrrrh moree3
7atta nhaya makoo !!
ellina 01 Oct, 2010
thank you<3
& thanks for the add i'll add you on my list too^^
ellina 01 Oct, 2010
i actually like the cast that's why~
i'll wait you to complete it, to give me your opinion ^^ ♥
bayanoh 29 Sep, 2010
ma an97ch tkamleen cinderella's sis abadn !!
ellina 28 Sep, 2010
is gukgaga bureunda good?
lulu 25 Aug, 2010
Eun Hye? She's so cute & beautiful! I envy her :k hehehe
She acts very good! I was amazed of how she changed from tomboy to pretty girl. I like her a lot :D