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milisia ~ 2 weeks
Hmm i can, but tell me more, what would you like to watch? specific genre, number of episodes etc? it would be faster that way :D
milisia ~ 2 weeks
Well, she does for sure. I liked her character, because she had that "mystic" energy around her, but yeah, she's not very "energetic". But overall, i think the biggest problem is the main guy. I mean i watched so many dramas with him, and he was great as a kid actor. But here, in Hotel he was just...he was there XD and i didn't liked his acting/character and also like i said, i didn't felt any chemistry between them? so the story, where love theme is so important, it's a flop for me :D But maybe you can give a try? i mean, IU is really bright point there + guests are bunch of colorful characters. You can always drop it :P
milisia ~ 2 weeks
Like i elaborate on the drama page:

I had two reasons, why i dropped it:
1. Spoilers :P
2. Yeo Jin Gu XD i mean i don't feel any chemistry between him and IU. And since story put such a strong emphasis on the love theme, it's just annoying. I like the setting, hotel guests, and cinematography. But knowing conclusion of the story, and just seeing his acting...i don't wanna heartache..for Jang Man Wol and me XD
milisia ~ 3 weeks
Oh cool :) How lifes going? do you watch anything interesting?
milisia ~ 3 weeks
как дела?
majorzero 12 Jun, 2019
Критики пишут рецензии на сериалы чаще всего просмотрев один только пилотный эпизод. Если что-то не доставляет удовольствия от просмотра на протяжении 1/3 хронометража вполне рационально прекратить просмотр.
majorzero 12 Jun, 2019
Ну ок тогда. Я просто думаю, что был несправедлив по отношению к тебе, нельзя так относится к людям из-за чепухи.
majorzero 11 Jun, 2019
Посмотрел нашу переписку, не помню из-за чего был сыр-бор, но хотел бы извиниться за свои слова, это было грубо и низко с моей стороны, за что я искренне прошу прощения. Удачи.