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Hello! My name is Tiffiany and I have an Asian drama problem.

If you share the same problem, feel free to message me, follow me, fangirl with me, etc!

I love romance, so I love anything that has it. Asian dramas, Books, TV, Movies, Music, ANYTHING!!!




chuckthegirl 04 May, 2017
I see you've added "Another Oh Hae Young" to your planned list. I really liked that one. It had issues at times, but overall I enjoyed it. The main actress I thought was excellent in her role.
chuckthegirl 11 Sep, 2015
I've noticed our compatibility has dropped considerably. I think this is because we've watched different dramas separately too long. We need some time to watch dramas together again. When I get back to the states... ;)
chuckthegirl 24 Aug, 2015
You need to watch Pinocchio with Park Shin Hye. Oh my goodness I loved it! She's grown SOOO much as an actress and this drama really showcases that.
cinderella2442 30 Jul, 2015
Hey, awesome to hear such an enthusiastic recommendation!! :D Starting it right now!!! I'll PM you what I think of the first ep and we can chat about it! :D
jakeryyann 15 Jul, 2015
Hello Tiffy! I have arrived, Hunty!
chuckthegirl 28 Apr, 2013
Oh I loved him, the story just got too predictable - like literally I was guessing what would happen before it did, like EXACTLY. And it got SUPER cheesy at the end. Probably about episode 10 I was like, okay I only have 6 episodes left I'll just finish it. My heart left it though. Some great moments though; the two big kiss scenes (the karaoke and cola kisses) - WHEW LORDY! My heart...KABOOM! Kang Ji Hwan could kiss me like that anytime! He looks like a really good kisser *giggles like a huge fangirl* Plus, I was only attached to the characters of Ah Jung, Ki Joon, Ah Jung's dad, and Park Hoon. All other characters added nothing for me. And Ah Jung got boring for me at the end too. So...that's why I only gave it 2 stars; it was average.
cinderella2442 27 Apr, 2013
True! It is really well directed and you just keep watching it until suddenly you finish it and wish it was longer :D

Yeah, INK is a lot faster but I like that since it's not draggy. :) And who knows where it'll end, cause ep 5 is supposed to be the graduation day already :D Let's hope we get a good kiss! <3

Hehehe, I only saw the original version so I wouldn't know, but I agree, the original scene was the best! <3
cinderella2442 19 Apr, 2013
Hehehe, I love it too! I still think the taiwanese version is the best one, but this is cool too! Def better than Playful Kiss :D And yeah I couldn't believe it either! She's doing a great job <3