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Don't hide behind your artwork, however - face the consequences for your actions with pride if and when necessary.

Art makes people ponder upon new possibilities, but actions are what ultimately ignite change.


raemi 06 Dec, 2010
you're welcome ^^ kekekeke thanks <3
yoonmin 08 Sep, 2010
Somehow I feel that downloading is worse XD But I´ve been spoiled with HD quality XD So now I´m not satisfied with less XD
And of course I use Youtube! XD I have a youtube account as well. Many things are available on youtube far before they are available as download T_T
olqa 06 Sep, 2010
If I tell all my friends: "Hey! kpop is great, you should try this", maybe only one of them likes it, but this person spread kpop love to others and once again and again? xDD

Poland isn't like Siberia or something similar xD now we have end of really hot summer/beginning of autumn.

Yes, I heard this version of I'll Be There... his English and Japanese is great, his songs are great, Taeyang is great <3

Did you seen that?
It's nasty cm, but they are so adorbs ;3
yoonmin 06 Sep, 2010
Hahah they say? XD I didn´t know! I haven´t watched any drama for... 3 DAYS!! TT_TT I´m an addict so that is a really long time! I´m gonna watch the last of "Beautiful Days" tonight... is the plan XD Hopefully I´ll finish it tonight ^^

AJKSADGJASKHDKJH!!! TT_TT I hoped it wasn´t that site.. It only works if you´re in the states! And I´m in Sweden so XD I´ve been looking for downloads, but NO WHERE are they to be seen *dramatic*

Ah, I see. Yeah, I agree XD Japanese aren´t that good. But some are just so hilarious that you have to watch it even though the actors aren´t good.
And to be honest some korean dramas have many flaws. I always look for reflections and shadows from the staff and I find them in EVERY drama I watch XD
"Baker king Kim Takgu" had this really fail one, a guy was sitting on the roof with the mic and his shadow was in the middle of the road bellow which Majun was walking XD I laughed for 5 minutes XD(episode 6, around 11:16 min)
yoonmin 04 Sep, 2010
I was looking through your drama list as well(stalker LOL) and I saw you are watching Sandglass!!! I´ve been looking for a place to watch it for like 3 month now! I can´t find it and I really want to watch it! D: Where are you watching it?

And I saw many movies and dramas I´ve seen on your "plan to watch" list. You have good taste ^^ I mostly watch korean though... but I´ve seen some japanese too ^^ Seems you like Japanese the most?
yoonmin 04 Sep, 2010
Yeah, that´s a good idea. Not long ago I had nothing to watch D: Even though I had the time! Really annoying! But now I don´t have the time but so many dramas =_=;
Sleep?... who needs it!? XD I can sleep when I´m dead!! XD
abbs 04 Sep, 2010
yes, he is.
omg no problem :D it's always good making friends :)))
yoonmin 03 Sep, 2010
Haha! Thank you ^^
I have too many dramas I want to see TT_TT Don´t know when I´ll have the time... if I sleep like 3 hours a day I´ll have more time XD