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taraneh 03 Jan, 2014
I spent my time with my family <3 What about you?
kurumi 01 Jan, 2014
Да,это Джессика)
taraneh 01 Jan, 2014
Happy New Year ^^
taraneh 22 Dec, 2013
You're welcome <3 I love all of them, well, if you gave Last friend 5/5 so in my opinion you are gonna like orange days and Hard to say I love you so much :D
taraneh 22 Dec, 2013
Hey, How are you? <3 Sorry for my late late reply, haven't been online since ages ( read 5 days ;) )
Yeah, glad that you gave it 5/5 XD But WOW!!!! What a dream!!! kind of scary though! with that temper of Souske it surely gonna be a terrific moment :D
I also love Prisoner of love; the singer(Utada Hikaru) also sang beautiful songs for dramas: Hana yori dango 2, Innocent love and majo no jouken.
Now about Last friends...
From the beginning Michiru mentioned about a horrible death and for some reason I never imagined that it's about Souske's death! I remember during those last episodes there were moments that I thought Ruka or Takeru gonna die! Like when Souske attacked Takeru and hit him to death or when Ruka had a car accident in a motorway..That's why when Souske committed suicide I was in shock and I felt relief at the same time :D I never expect such an ending for him but it was so damn suitable for drama and his character :) and about ending, If I got it right there were moments that Michiru showed her interest about Takeru, even after that she knew what problem he is fighting through, so with mentioning that she likes Takeru, we can say they've built a love square as Ruka loves Michiru who likes Takeru who Loves Ruka XD And I'm more than happy with such an ending, and also because of their strong friendship bond which made the ending more romantic <3

anyway.. :) very good j-dramas which have almost same genres as Last friends and I also love them are:
Hard to say I love you and Orange days. Dramas like majo no jouken and long love letter are also so good specially the ending :D
And k-dramas.. The Innocent Man, Queen In Hyeon's Man, 49 Days and School 2013 are my suggestions.
Enjoy :) And hope you'll like all of them <3
taraneh 06 Dec, 2013
Ah! and I'm gonna add you on my list <3 Hope it's fine ^^
taraneh 06 Dec, 2013
XD You're right, but wait and see what happens at the end <3
taraneh 05 Dec, 2013
Great to hear that ^^ I look forward to it, and hope you really enjoy it as much as I did ^^