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secret garden TV
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bakemonogatari animation
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k-on!! animation
natsume yuujinchou san animation
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I'm HaLF NARU and HaLFf FFY = ?? =3~


yokochan 02 Nov, 2011
The Musical- is really really Good *___* & every time i want to watch
the new episode =D you should watch it, when you Like comedy-MUSiC-romance mix xD

oooh i canĀ“t wait for iris 2,too. <3 <3 <3 my absolutly top favourite drama *____________*
yokochan 24 Oct, 2011
iris-city hunter-minami sineyo and secret garden best dramas - greets :D
keelin 19 Oct, 2011
sachi 19 Aug, 2011
i'm from poland, and you? ^^
sachi 18 Aug, 2011
hello ^^ i see we like similiar dramas kkk
inukko 04 Aug, 2011
Yeah, damn, learn to use spoiler button man.
meili 02 Aug, 2011
seriously if you want write that someone die you should use spoiler buton
xdsmile 08 May, 2011
no, I watched athena,they're similar
it was good, but you know like the heroes won't die no matter what :P
yeah! yoshitaka yuriko <3

good life, I'm liking it <3 <3
only three episode aired till now =_=