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ofelya 18 Apr, 2013
aigoo good girl *pet*pet* hehe

sungjong is so pretty with long blonde hair. also i like his current hair style too. did u see sungjong's predebut video? he even dance on the train wearing heels and a skirt. i used his girlish part. sungjong looks like a girl a bit but when i saw his predebut video i was shocked 0.o his voice and appearance just like a girl's.

there is something special abt L's eyes and tongue xD when he looked to the camera i feel totally captured by him :D u probably watched it but if u didnt, u must to see his 60 seconds mv and love blossom mv. especially i liked 60 sec.

hmmmm my fav are: beast, bap, bigbang, super junior, dbsk, exo, infinite, mblaq, block b, shinee, 2pm, ft island, u-kiss, cross gene, teen top, ss501, geunsuk, kat-tun, the gazette, utada hikaru, ikimono gakari.....ugh thats enough there is so much. i cant remember haha omg we have really same taste :D
i dont know 100%, Btob,Dmtn,M4M, my name and VIXX 0.o need to check them.

who is your favs in beast, exo, kattun, mblaq, shinee, super junior? yes i wonder all of them ahah
omo dont u like bigbang? 0.o
i have faceook account as u can see on my prfle. but i closed it for a while. bcz of my enterance exams. im gonna make it reactive 2 months later. ill add u later :3
hey do u have my anime list account?
well im not cute xD i think the photo is so little to see my face xD i was wearing blue contact(i look like a wampire i threw it away xD it is good when i take photo but i still prefer my own eyes. my real eyes is black) and there was to much makeup on my face. i have really horrible dark circles under my eyes like a panda haha xD
btw how old are u? :3 u look younger than me :3

'> I've a poor english too so it's not a problem ! XD ' i relieved lol
edit: i just saw your age on your profile. im 1 year older than u :3 u look 17 :D
ofelya 18 Apr, 2013
hehe yup i guess so :3
i have been always care L and sungjong in infinite. but i suddenly begin to like sungyeol 2 months ago *_____* he is so cute. i like his personality and he has really nice body *drool*

'Of course I love BL' it was what i want to hear from you lol oh gurl come here wanna hug u x'D
i cant remember that movies since i have endless 'plan to watch list' 0.o thx for recommendation ^^ ill download them.
btw which boybands do u like?

edit: oh wait since u like boys love ill show u somthing good *grin* i accidentaly find this video yesterday.
there is no eng sub but video is about real korean students. they are not famous.
they upload a post on korean website and said if we get more than 100 thumbs up, we will kiss. and then........
the one with the Hollister shirt was really cute. he reminds me himchan from bap. he might be k-pop idol with that beautiful face lol
and this is bonus from same boys
*___________* (btw second comment belongs to me xD 'yuukicro')

edit: im sorry for my poor english =.=
ofelya 18 Apr, 2013
i know lol
if u think so, u need to see my 'my anime list' profile xD
i cant take my eyes off korean hotties <3 lol

awww i liked your prof pic *__________* jae <3

Kim Hyeon Jung
Song Jung Gi
Jang Geun Seok
bogosipda, bof, dakchigo are my fav too.

btw i guess u like boys love. do u know any good asian bl movie? :3 i watched many bl movie. this is why i cant find moreeeeee xD
mimiline 14 Oct, 2012
C'est Emilie
caga 04 Oct, 2012
Ma kôhai <3
nakamaruluna 04 Oct, 2012
I Loe You <3