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ofelya 09 Dec, 2013
jessica how could u watch the heirs ep19 0.o

btw did u like switch? they say bromance in that series went to an amazing point in manga. but it licensed :/
ofelya 04 Nov, 2013
oh god i write too much again. i can write a book with using the msg i sent to you hahahah
ofelya 04 Nov, 2013
no it is not bcz of my pc. it was just power cut.

well it happened 2 days ago. i couldnt talk to her. cuz when i call her she didnt pick her phone. i sent 4 msg on FB. she read it but she didnt reply.
it was so serious. i began to hate her. but i dont know why my heart aches.
this happened betwen 3 of us. me, my best friend ipek and my other best friend suat..... i told u abt my best friend suat before. (the person who just married)

anyways we went her wedding ceramony with ipek and both our big sisters. we sat same table. but my bride friend Suat ignore us. She didnt even say 'u are welcome.' after 1 hours later, she just smiled from a far distance. bride have to spread roses to some of her guests. but she passed us. after this we felt so bad. when we go to dance with her she just dance with us 30 second tahn she turn around and dance with others. we werent like her best firends nor her sisters. than we went back to our table and İpek began to yell abt this. she said 'she is ignoring us! how can she act this way? she is ignoring even my sister! ' and her sister began to say bad things too. my sister said 'it is ok no problem. she could be get excited bcz of wedding. it is normal. dont blame her.' ipek wanted to leave party early. but she didnt leave. she said i wont dance with her. and than i said 'never mind lets go to the suat's side and take her and her husband to the stage. and lets dance.' all of us were depressed abt what happened that night. i told bad things too. and i said to the suat 'hey suat sorry but i said bad things abt u when u ignore us' also i said how can she act this way . she keep always say u two are my sister, not friend. but she didnt act as if we are so. i did many things for her to prepare her new house. i bought gifts too. we didnt talk each other whole 1 month (i mean we and my bride friend). but me and ipek keep in touch. when i said 'she probably didnt do it on purpose. we should listen her reasons before we get angry.' İpek began to yell me and said that im 2 faced. and she said 'how can u say this. it is obvious.'
2 weeks later suat called me. but i couldnt pick the phone. i give her back call. we solved that problem at wedding ceramony. s,nce me and suat both are really love each other and we can understand our mistakes. but ipek keep his mood untill the end. she wa so angry that much she couldnt call suat. ipek said to me 'if u meet suat tell her how i feel and what i said'. i meet with suat at her home 5 days ago. i said everything. i said; 'ipek was so angry. i was sad and i said bad things too but she exaggerate everythings. she didnt call you cuz she was angry. she waited untiil the end your call for first. ' also i said to suat 'İpek's sister was so angry too she put the alchol on fire. bcz of her ipek began to feel more angrier.'

normally bride should come to side to all table and say 'hi' to everyone. but i didnt know this cuz i dont like weddings. ipek's sister said 'my friend came and say hi to everyone in her own wedding but suat ignore us'.
anyways a few days ago i called ipek and said that i meet suat and said everythings. also i said that i told abt the example your sister gave abt her friend's wedding. it was just an example. i didnt know how to bride should walk at the staga and say hi to every table. bcz of this her sister gave that example. btw i forgot who give me that example. i thought it was her sister but ipek yelled me after she heard this. she said 'how can u say this. my sister said anything. the person who gave that example was me not my sis.' and than i said ok sorry it was my mistake. but ipek didnt get enough. and she 'said ill tell everyhthings to suat. and what your sister said abt suat. ' but i was ok cuz my sis said anything. but i said 'ipek, if u call suat again to say what my sis said at the wedding it means ''i will leaked eveythings abt your sister and ill take my revenge.'' it is so disgusting. im your friend how can u act like that.' i told that i said bad thnigs abt your sister cuz i mistake it. sorry it was bcz of my memories. ill fix it. i already said to suat that i made a mistake. but even so ipek begin to turn into a dog who lost his bone. and suat called ipek 3-4 hours later abt that issue. she said to ipek 'anyone cant compare my wedding to her friend's wedding ceramony. why did you guys said like this?' etc etc etc. it begin to turn into big serous fight. after that suat said everythings talked on phone with ipek to me. acorrding to the what suat said, ipek said' Ezgi is liar. She is trying to part us. she is trying to break our friendship. My sister said anything.(come on she keep saying) she just shut her mouth and sit. The person who talked whole weddin ceramony time was ezgi's sister. Ezgi's sister sit with bad expression on her face all the time. (yes she was sad and couldnt smile cuz suat call her especially but then ignored my sister in weddin. she was in shock. it is normal to looks with sad expression on her face. oh my god such a amazing lie! i cant believe this jessica, my sis just said why didnt other guests go to and dance with bride or she jsut said something abt weddin organization not suat, she even buy 2 gift and went to suat's home after wedding.) ipek also said 'i didnt call you for 1 month cuz i didnt want to make u sad with what im gong to say abt wedding ceramony.' (i laughed so hard from my ass :D she is trying to play goood girl. she didnt call suat cuz she felt underestimated. she said it to me. she said even dirty words abt suat. how can she pretend like she thought only abt suat. she is the one who two faced! ) anyways ipek keep saying bad things abt me and my sister according what suat said to me. i heard this yesterday. and i couldnt sleep. i cried. cuz i was angry. and im still....i couldnt talk to ipek abt what she said cuz suat said 'keep it as secret. she dont know that i told it to you.'
btw i sent a msg 2 days before it didnt happen. but even if she read it she didnt reply. and yesterday sent 2 more msg and call her but she didnt pick my call. she read my msg on FB today but she didnt say anything she make up with suat and she begin to ignore me. she told bad things abt suat 1 months ago and she begın to do same to me yesterday. she betrayed suat 6 years ago. her parents dont leave her alone to go to outside. they always keep an eye on her. she is older than me. she ıs 24 but her parents are still same. someday when we were at high school. she was late to go home. her dad saw her at the street and after when they go back to the home they begın to yell her. she said 'suat incapacitated me' :D do u believe this? and than they call suat and begın to yell her. she can betray whenever she wants or if she is in hard situation.

but i know i did 2 mistakes abt that wedding ceramony. i shouldnt say to suat what ipek said. i said im telling you everythnigs cuz i like u so much i cant keep this as secret. if it was me i would like to hear everythings. btw i didnt said dirty word which ipek said. actually i just said 'i felt bad but ipek was angrier than me.' but i also said to suat dont say this to ipek. she could be get angry. if u going to talk to ipek say everythings as if we felt same with ipek.'' and my other mistake was to say ipek's sister was the one who put alchol on the fire. i should keep it to myslef. but i have never tell lie abt any fucking little thing. i said only trues. but still icant believe that İpek turns 360 degree like that. it is disgusting the way she speak abt behind me. she didnt leave any love into me towards her. if she keep ignore my call or my msg i wont talk to her anymore. i dont mind her but i feel like it hurts my heart. i dont know. but do u know what cant i pull out from my mind? i wonder if suat believe to ipek or me? i felt a bit suspicious tone on her voice. it is normal to feel that way cuz she is between her best friends. one of them say this way and one of them say that way.... anyways ill go to suat's place tomorrow to make everythings clear. and we will order food to the home than we will talk abt this again.
btw i just remember, when we talked on the phone with ipek she said 'u say that my siser said bad things but your sister said bad things too' it means she accept that her sister said bad things. but when she talk to suat she denied it. :D but i cant prove this to suat. i dont know how to act. my sis feel so bad :/ she couldnt believe to her ears.
thank you i know i can talk to u as your friend :3 even if we are far away u are my friend.
ofelya 29 Oct, 2013
i have any friends who like k-pop/kdrama or anime =.= U are so lucky.

How did u meet with korean dramas/kpop? :D

Yayy! >.< im waitin for that photos :3 yes i can :3 well there are so many photo on my FaceBook. U can check my albums. ill take photos of turkish foods, my class and good pleaces to show you.
je t'aime <3
ofelya 26 Oct, 2013
my eyes play trick on me since our prof pic are same xD
im back. i fixed my pc but i couldnt reply your msg sorry T^T i planned to reply right after i get my pc back but i couldnt. i was lazy. also i joined in turkish team on internet which translate anime news :3 also im studying for my exam. ill begin to go to classroom at weekends for that exam. plus i have an another '2 weeks course' to go. is my life... xD i hope it will worth to put that much effort in the end.

i wish i could keep you with me too *.*

is there any good news abt your new university? could you get new friends? btw when u have free time take same photos for me :3 i would like to see your university if it is not problem for u. also want to see french foods too :D
sookyuute 09 Oct, 2013
Oui oui je te dirais <3

C'est un drama déjà sorti en fait, y a de supers bons avis dessus et Geun Seok est trop beau avec les cheveux longs *_______* je veuuuux le voir <3

Je suis en train de dl dl ^^
sookyuute 09 Oct, 2013
J'ai vraiment envie de tous les voir >___< pourquoi faut-il qu'il n'y ait que 24h dans une journée??
Merci pour Looking Forward to Romance, je viens de dl la 2ème partie ^^

Y a aussi Hong Gil Dong que j'ai vraiment envie de voir... Avec Geun Seok <3<3<3
sookyuute 09 Oct, 2013
Lawlaaaaw <3

Ma Sooyoung a eu la 2ème place ^^ héhé~
J'ai trop envie de le commencer après Reply 1997 *___*
J'aimais bien le synopsis de Flower Boy Next Door mais tout le monde dit que c'est le moins bon, mais si toi tu le dis c'est que c'est vrai ^^
Du coup je pense que c'est celui que je verrais en dernier.

Et sinon je voulais savoir où tu as eu la deuxième partie de Looking Forward to Romance??
Moi j'ai que la première.
Je sais pas si t'as vu mais à la dernière cérémonie de remise des prix c'est BoA qui a gagné l'award du meilleur espoir féminin (Sooyoung était nominée mais elle a été vaincue~)