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ofelya 09 Oct, 2013
mine too hhaha
i have already two hard disk xD one of them filled with drama and other one filled with anime :D i deleted them 4 times for new series :D well it was enough to keep my files when i newbie in anime drama world. but now i download 10bit hd videos. for example each anime ep are around 530 mb. dramas 1.300 gb. it is getting hard and hard to keep my files. this is way i decided to dont buy hdd anymore.

i wanted to see what happened in my pc cuz if i could have see any dark sign on ram or power supply i would fix it by myself. i took out the disk in my pc. i didnt want to lend my pc this why cuz i have many adult content. yaoi etc. xD i pull out the disk and than i opened my old pc to put it my new disk to copy all fıles into old one. (i couldnt copy them in my hdd since they are full.) but do u know what happened? my old pc was down after 1 hours later ! u can call it bad luck xD my two pc are down in same time xD since i couldnt copy any files i decided to give it them without disk ahaha
now i got my pc back. im fine with my new power supply :3 i dont know but i guess it is low quality. my original hp power supply was 300 watt but new one is EVEREST and it is 200-250 watt :S also everest is made of china =.= im planing to change it after one year.
see you tomorrow :3 im planing to be a NEET for whole week xD i have free time as much as sand in desert. i can reply your latest msg on both fb and mdl :3
wait for me honey <3

edit: ohh so my baby is watching master's sun. im watching it too :3 im gonna watch ep 2 on my tv now.
ofelya 02 Oct, 2013
my pc is down T^T i couldnt open my pc after power cut this afternoon.
my photos, browser settings, videos, bookmarks are going to be erased.

edit: omggggggggg i have many adult contents in my pc. they will see it ahaha my yaoi anime&mangas and my private photos. fuckkkkkkkkk x'D
ofelya 30 Sep, 2013
yes bcz of some rules =.= in korea too? 0.o i didnt know it but this didnt suprised me. well korea is most smilar country to us. they seem open minded but they are actually not. their foods smilar to ours, their mother-in-law & daughter-in-law relationship etc. if i was a korean girl my name should be lee yuu bi :D it sounds good. lee means golden (i guess or it was kim?) bi means rain but i dont know 'yuu'.

btw do u know the relationship betwen korea and turkey? once upon a time, when korea was weak in war, we sent our soldiers to help them. if we couldnt sent them, korea could be in different situation nowdays. since that day they began to call us 'brother country'. there are many korean here. they come here for uni or just for visiting. when they meet a turkish they smile like crazy and say brother! they learn our language and they like to meet us. ahaha well i should be happy but i just feel sorry for myself xD and i want to reply with horny eyes 'we ar not brother!' ahahah

i watched ep3 yesterday. i planned to finish it one night but my heart beats like crazy. i cant take it anymore xD i decided to finish it in 3 days. also my sis came here just now. i cant watch when she beside me. we cant be quite when we together. we ruin the aura of movies/animes xD

edit: do u remember when haru prepare a meal with swimsuit and a bib in first ep? i wish a have a guy like him. wanna a naked boy wears only a bib hahahah
ofelya 29 Sep, 2013
btw which american series it?
ofelya 29 Sep, 2013
we cant have foreign names in turkey :/ i wish i could have one. that stupid bastards know anything but put rules.

u really have open minded friend. if u saw comments of guys from all over the world u will understand me :/ they act as if they will turn into gay if they watch Free.
He's cool because of its sad mind. u are right *.*
thx for pic :3 i changed my prof pic too xD we are same now hehe :D
ofelya 29 Sep, 2013
thank u :3 what is the meaning of your name and surname? is jessica your real name? it doesnt sound french name. it sounds like eng name.

i saw 2 ep of free. oh sweet jesus! i cant believe what i saw! i raped my monitor. ost is amazing. art is amazing, guys are perfect! free smells shoune ai ahah i can understand now why guys hate this anime. they used to see boobs or hips. i cant believe there is such an anime which aiming girls. u know this is very important step in anime world. they made reverse harem or adapted otome games but Free is totally different from them. six packs are everywhere omg omg xD i cant calm myself. im so excited. op and ed was so good *_____* i noticed a bit shoune ai or bromance betwen rin and haru. i like the relationship between 4 of them. i always liked childhood friend stories. also i found myself at rin's sister gou ahaha her reactions are same as mine xD my fav are rin and haruka. i cant choose only one xD im so excited i cant even swim i like to play in water but even if i live waterside city i cant learn how to swim. but i excited that i want to learn it.
haru is so cute. he is tsundere and i like tsundere boys so much. he is blushing when he look at pool ahha his obssesion on water is so cute awwww >.< he can swim even in a glass of water ahha he can cum while he drink water adfsgfsaskAJSDASDFADGF x'D
u know before they discused character names in free, fangirls gave them nickname. rin's nickname was pimp-kun lol but he is not pimp that much 0.o i suprised. he looks like a gigolo from outside but from inside his character is different ahah
btw i liked the way haru and rin's take off their clothes *nosebleed* (i feel like i did a grammar mistake in this sentence, anways.)
ofelya 29 Sep, 2013
btw can u give me full size of your prof pic? wanna kiss dat shoulders fuck *_______*
u know i have collarbone fetish T^T it is hard to bear
ofelya 29 Sep, 2013
come on im not that perv. just they are so sexy! dont blame me xD
i like storm sound too xD especially lightning. btw my surname,yıldırım, means 'lightning'. and ezgi means melody. u can call me as melody of lightning haha sounds weird xD (idont know why but i just put 'of' between my name and surname randomly lol it is not part of my name)
i cooked a cream cake with chocalate and prepared tea. i turned off the lights and took a pillow and put it behind my back. of course still there is anyone in home. nowwwwwwww im rather horny and ready to watch free! xD im going to open the door of heaven... wait for my comments wuhuhuhuhuuuuuu