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“I am a sick man... I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man. I think my liver is diseased. Then again, I don't know a thing about my illness; I'm not even sure what hurts.”


travelman 03 Aug, 2012
No prop! I do enjoy watching films of this magnitude; there quite refreshing and give you something to think about when its all "said and done" I'm also a hoot for a movie with good cinematography and thoughtful apparel designs that don't only consort of t-shirts, jeans, and chucks.

I also had "gyebaek" on my planned list; and it seems you dropped it. Care to explain why?
travelman 02 Aug, 2012
Hey, I've had 2046(film) in my planned list for quite while. Is it a movie that you'd recommend watching?
leviathan 20 Jul, 2012
Actually yes. Religious and ritualistic side of Dark Ambient. It includes tribal rhythms and obscure instruments. (it's like voice of woods, bone flute, singing in bows etc..)

Hmm yeah Ulver is fine for me. They're changing their style for few times :D But don't listen raw black metal or underground bm so much. Actually i'm mostly into Dark Ambient and Atmospheric Black Metal and i'm addicted to this one;
leviathan 19 Jul, 2012
Yes, unfortunately. It's because of B's death. Kim said that they won't continue anymore or something like that. Kim is in Hypothermia and Life is Pain, curretly and yes dsbm is good i have a few favorite bands of that genre. But i'm mostly listening Ritual Dark Ambient in nowadays. Hmm i understand :) so what do u mean by nostalgia? old songs? o.o
leviathan 19 Jul, 2012
Hehe, yea it's Kim :) i like their works so far. They're awesome. But,I wish they didn't disbanded.
leviathan 19 Jul, 2012
Hmm maybe. I don't listen him too much, either. "Black metal ist krieg"was just a way to say you "hello" ;)
leviathan 19 Jul, 2012
Maybe you're right but i like sound of his songs. Don't care about others. Especially, "Amarok III" (Zorn des lammes)
leviathan 19 Jul, 2012
Yes, exactly :)