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wei xiao pasta TV
e zuo ju zhi wen TV
maou TV
secret garden TV
proposal daisakusen TV
sinsaui pumgyeok TV
Aragaki Yui person
Ninomiya Kazunari person
Nishikido Ryou person
Hun person
Hu Yu Wei person
Kim Su Hyeon person
Komatsu Nana character
Sanji character
Oosaki Nana character
Mogami Kyouko character
Tooya character
Kurata Sana character


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Dramas I would put on my favorite list, if it had more space:
1 Liter of tears (J-Drama)
Bloody Monday (J-Drama)
Protect the Boss (K-Drama)
Coffee Prince (K-Drama)
Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)
Hana Kimi (TW-Drama)
Ima, ai ni yukimasu (J-Drama)
Itazura na Kiss: Love in tokyo (J-Drama)
Down with love (TW-Drama)
Kimi wa petto (J-Drama)
My boss my hero (J-Drama)
I hear your voice (K-Drama)
Nine: Nine times time travel (K-Drama)
Prince turns to frog (TW-Drama)
My love from the stars (K-Drama)


arielifeoma 14 Jun, 2015
I just finished Kill Me, Heal Me so I was thinking about Secret Love and your review tipped me over the fence into trying it. Thanks.
yashii 05 Dec, 2014
Oh in nodame ist siwon fake xd
locaxdrama 02 Dec, 2014
Congrats on your synopsis-writing win! ^_^
arielifeoma 24 Jan, 2014
Thanks for the q10 review. I might pick that one back up and finish it.
taraneh 01 Jan, 2014
Happy New Year ^^
ryofanka 14 Nov, 2013
Hi I added you to my list, because we have 64% compatibility and because love reading your drama reviews ;) hope that's ok :)
Btw love your profile picture ♥ ;)
linest 03 Nov, 2013
About Su Bin's page:
I understand you. I felt the same about Ji Sung, because of his character in Protect the Boss.
But after Secret I changed a little my feelings about him :)

P.S: I added you in my list. We have some common dramas.
I like to talk about it to other people *-* (And improve my English too lol)
samsoon012 28 Sep, 2013
yay 75% compatibility with honey

added you^^
nice taste to dramas ♥