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49 il TV
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nae meori sogui jiugae film
mujeongdosi TV
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Kim Jae Uk person
Kim Nam Gil person
Nam Gyu Ri person
Jeong Il U person
Kim U Bin person
Cha Seung Won person
Takano Masamune character
Ichinose Takumi character
Luka Crosszeria character
Saitou Hajime character
Kuran Kaname character
Lelouch Lamperouge character


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yokochan 19 Dec, 2013
OMO iam sooo late =´(
sorry !

. . .

Haha iam soo busy because of work =´( . . . but iam fine, thank you ! & how are you ?

Hmm American Pop, i love Lana del Rey, inna, pitbull, eminem, britney spears & omg sooooooo many more xD
YES, MAMA 2013 => P E R F E C T *____________*

oooh i don´t want a big spoiler at the moment xD hahaha
iam reading vampire knight manga 15 ?`! =P

buzzer beat is on my plan to watch list - high =D

At the moment , iam not watching fairy tail =/ i have no time . . . . baaad :D

yeah you too =D
yokochan 30 Oct, 2013
OMG Bommie is really sooo Cute <(^O^)> . . . my top idol before her was always the singer "ciara" from us *Q* but then cames the k-pop time
for me *___* xD

i hope vampire knight season 3 will coming *Q* xD

yes i´ve watched the live action and anime of paradise kiss, keiko kitagawa is soooo great =) have seen her before in pretty guardian sailor moon *Q*

haha really !? omo =´/
i´ve started now fairy tail . . .

you too. <3
yokochan 10 Oct, 2013
Hey Again <(^O^)>
me too. =D iam fine ^.^

Wow sooo Cool *Q*

Crush on Bommie ? *____________________* she´s my top idol xD yes i love big bang and snsd also *Q*

i like zero, but i would say iam team kaname xP haha yeah with takumi - i know xD i loved him also in the live action *Q* omg ^. ^

no problem & thank you
you too =D

yoko (nicole) ;D
yokochan 26 Sep, 2013
WOW thank you so much *Q*
omg and i see, you also like: ghost, 49 days, nodame cantabile, jang geun suk, kim jae wook, kim nam gil,
nam gyu ri, jeong il woo, park bom *Q* takumi *Q* kaname *Q* WOW ;D
yes iam very yg biased xD hahaha ^.^ my favourite entertainment =P buuuut i like the other entertainment´s
also =P
and btw. how are you ? =)
wow, we have 63% compatibility ;D great !
see you,
yoko ;D
ultrasoul 05 Jun, 2013
나도 사랑해 ~<3