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Brazilian bitch known for love Asia. Started watching animes in 2005 with Naruto. 3 years later I had my first dorama, Densha Otoko. In July 2011, I watched You're Beautiful and then my addiction for korean stuff began.
Be free to add me! Let me know if there is something it isn’t in my list and you think that I really should watch!


ninacorrea 19 May, 2014
Uau, que chique! Aproveite bem a viagem!
ninacorrea 24 Mar, 2014
Oiêê....sou a Sayoko do AsianTeam..te add, ok?! bjins eboa semana ^^
kamilles 28 Dec, 2013
I feel the same way. Especially after Trash and Na Jeoung broke up, it shows that they would most likely get bored of each other. It may change though, if they live together, instead of Australia vs Korea... :)
kamilles 28 Dec, 2013
I'm waiting until tomorrow to watch more of reply 1994, because then I will have sub, and can watch the rest in one go! :)
I honestly don't care who she ends up with, I like both! I'm sad that Baro didn't end up with Hoya from reply 1997, because with him waiting for the car, and the mystery in reply 1997, it could've turned out that way.. xD
kamilles 27 Dec, 2013
As promised, I just finished the moon that embraces the sun. I love it! Especially the child actors, they're most likely my favorite child actors, and some of the adult actors as well! I'm happy I watched it! :)
kamilles 17 Dec, 2013
I love Reply 1997 as well! The only reason i stumbled upon it, was because I though Eun Ji was Suzy, and had to watch it.
Then I realized it was way better than expected. :P
Will do! :)
susana 17 Aug, 2013
Oi Yukimi, esse tá super bem recomendado né, por você e várias pessoas, obrigada, já tá na lista...
susana 20 Feb, 2012
Oi Yukimi...
Bom faz tempo que a gente se falou né, queria te contar que eu acabei de ver "You're Beautiful" no último sábado, noooooossa... O que dizer dele, fantástico, apaixonante, entrou para os meus favoritos com certeza, amei...

Como você tinha me pedido pra te contar, cá estou eu, é demorou um pouco né hehehehehehe, em 2011 meu tempo foi muito pouco, mas quero ver se me dou um pouquinho mais de tempo agora em 2012, posso dizer que comecei bem, ainda mais com um dorama lindo como "You're Beautiful"...

Bom obrigada pela indicação, com certeza foi uma ótima indicação, depois vou ver na sua lista as suas preferências...
Super beijo ♥