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dream high TV
hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise TV
secret garden TV
minami sineyo TV
proposal daisakusen TV
seon deok yeowang TV
Song Jung Gi person
Ikuta Touma person
Kim Su Hyeon person
Tegoshi Yuuya person
Lee Jong Seok person
Yamazaki Kento person
Aisaka Taiga character
Nakahara Sunako character
Cagalli Yula Athha character


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★★★★ Are actually really good dramas. With amazing OST. Can be considered master piece.
★★★ Has a good story, good OST, and entertaining.
★★ Average
★ Quite boring and cliche but at least I didn't drop it.

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alex3 21 Jul, 2016
it's okay, i will check out some of them. Thank you for your help *:
yokochan 05 Nov, 2015
or GOMAWO ! =D

and what are you watching at the moment ? *_*

greetings, yoko
suketeru 24 Oct, 2015
No I didn't have time to go in the end, and now I'm traveling for business >.< Hope at least they will still be showing it in 2D somewhere when I go back ^^;
But, but... I totally didn't wanna hear it was a flop of a movie -.-;;;
suketeru 07 Oct, 2015
Cool!! I haven't watched it yet >.< Haven't had time to go to the movies -.- I wanna watch it in 4D, so I have to go in the morning, because they don't show it in the evening ^^;
How was it in 4D? Was it worth it? The 4D ticket is super expensive, so I don't want to regret spending so much for a lousy second part XD
suketeru 18 Aug, 2015
Thank goodness!... I think. I've seen Korean dubbed dramas and they're horrible, but also Japanese dubbed movies and they weren't so bad ^^

Funny where you end up reuniting with old fandom buddies ^^
suketeru 17 Aug, 2015
Oh I see. That's pretty awesome though, even if it's just the big-name movies ^^ Are they dubbed or subtitled?

My nickname is familiar? hmm that might be for different reasons. Depends on how long you've been into jdramas and how long you've been using this site ^^

I noticed you had an LJ, so checked it out and realized your nickname sounds familiar too XD Maybe we bumped into each other in news_jpop ^^
yokochan 02 Jul, 2015
Hello again ;D yes this is really me xD omg thank you very much ! xD
but i´ll change it now because it was last year xD so it´s a little bit old . . .
aquariia 12 May, 2014
I really enjoyed both dramas. It difficult to decide which one is better. QSD is great so I wasn't sure if I should change the list but in the end I though I haven't changed anything for long time and I ended adding Empress Ki.
I see you like QSD. How do you like Empress Ki?