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natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku TV
dragon zakura TV
umareru. TV
osozaki no himawari: boku no jinsei, renewal TV
unmyeongcheoreom neol saranghae TV
algernon ni hanataba wo TV
gallery fake animation
yuu yuu hakusho animation
kamisama hajimemashita animation
suki tte ii na yo. animation
80 nichikan sekai isshuu animation
tonari no kaibutsukun animation
Matsumoto Jun person
Tanihara Shousuke person
Karina person
Ichimura Masachika person
Wentz Eiji person
Jang Na Ra person
Totoro character
Kurama character
Roy Mustang character
Edward Elric character


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glitterlance1 01 Aug, 2014
Heey :D
georgiaannaa 20 Jul, 2014
pantheria 10 Jan, 2013
Thanks. I already noticed ages ago from their Facebook there was going to be a 2nd season; been waiting for a group to pick up subbing. Unfortunately RAW is of no use to me. I'd need either English or French subs. Hopefully someone will decide to sub it one day or there could be official French subs since it's quite popular over there. :)

PS: What is your profile pic from? I recognise it LOL but can't for the life of me remember what it's from LOL.
necrotoxyk 27 Aug, 2012
Şi eu când eram mai mică am început să scriu un fel de jurnal al lui yusuke şi era comedie =)) încercam să fiu amuzantă XD şi da, sigur ^^
necrotoxyk 27 Aug, 2012
Hey heey ^^
Daaaa, sunt o mare fană *blushes* şi de fiecare dată când mă uitam din nou la toată seria îmi plăcea de altcineva :)) prima oară totuşi mi-a plăcut de Kurama, apoi de Hiei apoi de Yusuke xD