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dutchviola 14 Dec, 2014
Well, I must admit I've been watching a lot of non-Asian stuff the past year ~_^

But, yes, I'll think about it and give you some recommendations^^ so you have something to do during your break ~_^

Welcome back to Korean drama land ~_^!
dutchviola 14 Dec, 2014

Well I think I watched the 5 first eps and the last one I watched was months ago, because they only air one ep a week and on top of that not every week, so I have it more or less on hold.....

I must say that the first eps aren't bad, the main actress is really young (maybe too young, because it's stuck in your head while watching), but she is a good actress I think^^

Not sure if I can recommend it, because I watched to little to be sure about it......
endroine 30 Aug, 2013
purlpi 03 Jan, 2013
Sorry voor 't late antwoord! Ik ben Nederlander c:
madno 20 Dec, 2012
hahahah Echt he! i like it so much <3
tomoyohime 20 Dec, 2012
Haha, ik heb op het GO ook Humane gedaan ze. XD
Het was eerder mijn klas die mij niet zo lag op Kogeka.
tomoyohime 18 Dec, 2012
Aha, ik heb Humane Wetenschappen gedaan. ^^
madno 18 Dec, 2012
I know right?