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enchantedx 11 May, 2013
Hey :) I was wondering if you could recommend any good drama or anime for me? I see you have seen a lot but we have no shared titles and it makes me kind of curious to see new things :)
aries 21 Dec, 2012
Yeah there are just more and more shows, dramas and movies comming out all the time! I'm getting stressed out when I'm thinking about how I will be able to see everything XD For now I'm planing on complete everything I've put on a hold... but it didn't start good. I started to rewatch scent of a woman again and I've finished it again now XD
I'm also really interested to see the new movie with JiHyo :) Jackals are coming. Do you also plan to see it or have you already done so?
Hahah good thing to decide on drama as your outlet from studying XD

I'm sure you'll LOVE Reply1997! I was a bit sceptical when I first watch it because of the good reviews and all. And I waited a few episodes before I became openly obssesed with it XD I just heard that they're planing on doing a second season, CAN NOT WAIT :D

Haha the end of Running Man will probably be the worlds end instead of what's supposedly is going to happen today 2012-12-21...

I haven't though about it being the budget that's actually the biggest problem when it comes to the jp dramas.. but you're right. That's probably one of the reasosns the series aren't as developed as korean ones.
I guess also because I've been to japan I feel I can look past the bad quality of the plot at time just to feel the whole "air" of japan again XD Haha so obsessed..
HAHA I KNOW RIGHT!!! Some of my friends who also liked like korean stuff before have stopped and found other things but I'm still stuck, and that's deep!! XD I think maybe I should build me a house in this deep obsession if mine because I don't see when I'll change my preference XD

Ok! I'll try to think of other dramas too :D Please feel free to recommend me things too~
aries 17 Dec, 2012
Yeah me too.. gosh it's hard being obsessed with things you actually don't have time for XD

that's right!! There aren't a lot of dramas that have that comfortable pace throughout the drama. But one drama that did was Reply1997, it was just SO perfect :D

I wonder how they ever will come to a conclusion to ever end Running Man, sure they'll have to do it some time but it's like the biggest thing happening during the week on tv XD
I also felt that the chemistry within the cast is amazing and also that it seems like every guest that ever is in the show feels comfortable. It's such a nice thing to see :)

I agree! There aren't much from the jp tv that are entertaining. Sure from time to time I enjoy watching japanese dramas. Maybe partly because that's where my addiction started and all but the korean once have a bigger attraction for me XD
There are a few tw dramas that I'll definitely recommend for you. One is In time with you. It seriously beats a lot of korean dramas. Perfection all the way through! :D Go watch it~
vanityfull 12 Dec, 2012
Actually, it was a hommage to 'usual suspects'' but u need to watch the movie to understand the reference. Basically, Gary tricked everyone into believing that he was fooled by everyone, actually, he knew that they knew xd
vanityfull 10 Dec, 2012
Have u managed to figure out, why ep 60 of running man ended that way? ^^
aries 09 Dec, 2012
Oh right that's his name! Robert Sheehan.. I was too lazy to look it up XD
He is, haha and he's hilarious~ He's probably also one of my favorite curly-heads tbh.

I have to agree with them. Seriously I didn't get why Kelly's bf was in the first episodes at all.. even though he was a.. not big but at least an important part of he last season I just couldn't understand why they decided to keep his character.
I'll also try to keep on watching misfits after next week when I'll have more free time.

You do? You're very versatile if you feel you often have things in common with others :) For me it's either hit or miss.
Aa yeah it's probably that! The plot kind of gets put on hold during ep 10 to like almost the last episode and then everything that was going to happen during those episodes gets their part squeezed into the last episode.
RIGHT!! Runninng Man is like the ultimate show to watch :D I guess it's also because they've developed their show so much that it even contains suspenses at time. Like when it's grasshoper hunting XD I actually think some of them are pretty scary XD
Japanese dramas are definitely harder to complete than korean and even taiwanese (even thought I don't watch many of them) I've figured out that they often have separate plots for each episodes.. if you understand what I mean. The drama stil have one plot but in each episode a small story is being told. I guess it makes it easier to start to watch in the middle but if like us non-native ppl watch the show it can be quite tedious. And also it's always a moral statement they want to get through.
aries 08 Dec, 2012
Yeah he was! Hehe and I loved his dialect XD The one playing Nathan is from Ireland right?

That's right, it's really sad. But I'm glad that they seem to have managed to get together a good cast once again. And I like that Rudy is kind of the main the new season of Mistfits. I just found him hilarious from the when he first appeared XD

Hahaha seems we have a lot in common! Don't you also feel that the beginning of the dramas are the most fun to watch? Like when you get to know the characters and also when they start to develope. And I think a reason I have a bit of a problem completing dramas is because they tend to get so overly dramatic... it's just a pain to watch.

Yeah Min Jung is really cute too!! :) I've actually just seen her in a few roles before. And after watching her episodes in Running Man I just like her even more :)
aries 08 Dec, 2012
Yeah well I was too. Misfits is really not the same without him. I always felt that Nathan was the one making Misfits into what it was.
I've seen one episode this far.. not sure how many there are but I thought it was pretty good. But there's just two casts left from the earlier seasons :/
I haven't finished the drama yet, haha I'm so bad at comlpleting them because life always puts a hold to everything. But I thought Gong Yoo was amazing, tbh I'm pretty much watching that drama because of him.