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I'm a 22 year old Christian girl trying to watch as many dramas/movies as possible, while I study International Relations at college and study Japanese as well. Does it make sense? Yeah, not even for me, but that's how I'm keeping myself happy. ;)

Feel free to ask me anything you like. ~

Let's be friends now? :3

(Satomi is in my profile pic, isn't she beautiful? ;; )

a lot




p.s.: watched Sayonara Debussy, 2016 version, but since it's not listed here yet, I'll just put it here to remember when it gets listed. :'D


arhamer19 18 Oct, 2018
Have you understand the forget me not ending seriously too dark #spamming
zer0taku 28 Aug, 2014
Thanks, I'll look into those :) I saw "I Hear Your Voice" available from various sources, but I didn't end up watching it yet because I didn't know if I'd be into it or not, but I'll have to go ahead and give it a try.
zer0taku 07 Aug, 2014
Oh, haha, oops...the missing "k" was a typo :o If I can ask anything then do you have a favorite appearance by him besides in Doctor Stranger? I was thinking about watching something else with him in it.
I forgot that he was in Secret Garden, that was good too :)
zer0taku 20 Jul, 2014
Quick question: is the one in your gifs Lee Jong Seo? Just wondered although I wish I could tell 100% if it is without having to ask to make sure : x
danenws 01 Jul, 2014
vou tentar rever entao mesmo rs
danenws 22 Jun, 2014
Sim, BR q =D. Tu ta curtindo triangle? Ia comecar mas a preguica bateu e parei no primeiro epi...
danenws 10 Jun, 2014
edminam 27 Sep, 2013
Oi! Obrigado *w*
Digo o mesmo pra você, me ganhou só pelo Good Doctor ♥
Jong Suk aaahh