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J-Dramas only. Always looking for recommendations.

SMAP ☆ KAT-TUN ☆ KinKi Kids



kamesoul 01 Mar, 2016
Arigatou~! :D
tomokins 15 Sep, 2015
LYN!!! <3
Waaah that's so nice~ How was your trip?
I just started school last week so I'm slowly starting to get busy again :/ but as you can see by my profile, i've been pretty busy in the drama watching department xD
I actually just got my copies today so I finally have better rips and Breaking Dawn is just cool~ and I love the PVs <3
I only did a lame collage for the anniversary xD bleh...
Also, what do you think of the new site? it's so horrible..I want my sidebar backkkk
tomokins 19 Aug, 2015
You can call me Chels if you want^^ that's usually what everyone calls me online.~

Ehh that's good! As long as you like it, that's all that matters xD

I'm still stuck all the way from Winter season but over the weekend I watched the movie Lala Pipo since I finished the novel and Hiroki has swag in that movie lol and I also started this drama called Trouble Man because Kato Shigeaki from NEWS is in it and a friend recommended it to me since I kinda like Shige. It's pretty interesting though. I need to catch up on 37.5 no namida too..just the overload of Fujiki and Hiroki is like mindblowing xD

Have you ordered SMAP's new single yet? and Happy Nakai Day <3
tomokins 17 Aug, 2015
Thank you^^ btw is it okay if I call you lyn? it just seems easier to me :)

Is the drama still living up to your expectations?
tomokins 07 Aug, 2015
What are the correct dimensions?
I hate when pics get stretched :(

I watched up to 3 and then stopped lol
Really? You like it? So far it's got mixed reviews..I'm not watching it but I just like to see what people say about it xD
junho1582 07 Aug, 2015
yay you watched Hanzawa Naoki <333
tomokins 30 Jul, 2015
Thank you~ I love this pic a lot but it looks weird all stretched like that.. :/

I still need to finish Ouroboros! I heard it was really good. At first I was watching because of Toma but then Shun's so badass in it xD
tomokins 20 Jul, 2015
I'm sorry I'm always so late in replying :(
I love Ikuta Toma but I'm still pretty iffy on Oguri Shun ><