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J-Dramas only. Always looking for recommendations.

SMAP ☆ KAT-TUN ☆ KinKi Kids



junho1582 28 Mar, 2012
No no you don't suck, oh well, I'm just as aweful replying only now, though I could've replied quite some times, sorry about that *-* Me too, me too I LOVE CHAIN *-* I loved all the singles from it, the new songs are great as well 8D About Koki's solo, it's so IDEK what was he thinking, haha, but I love it X'D and of course I love him *-*
I'm not so fond of Kame's solo though, wish he would make another song like 1582… that would be great 8D
Best solo this time might be Junno's :D It's really good imo~~ :3
witch0o0 14 Mar, 2012

long time ^^
am ok .. and you .. ?
>>> some how am under the exam raining *.*
I hope that you are fine !!
what's wrong .. you disappear @@
yokochan 08 Mar, 2012
one piece greets <3
junho1582 23 Feb, 2012
Oioio Ms. Kimura! How are you? You haven't been on recently, have you? ^^ Did you listen to the new KAT-TUN album yet? Just curious what you think ❤
witch0o0 19 Feb, 2012
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen a long time T.T
witch0o0 06 Feb, 2012
miss you..
hope that you are fine =)
witch0o0 21 Jan, 2012
Maji de..? Arigatou //
Sherlock Holmes << I love the story’s of his adventure.. I’ve read Sherlock Holmes : Silver Blaze & The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band, the Adventure of the Copper Beeches, the Stock-Broker's Clerk, the Red-Headed League…
tom cruise he he he … << my friends love him .. Actually I didn’t watch a movie for him < or maybe I don’t remember :S
So cool… am addicted to stunt <3.. I love it.. robert downey seem like a good actor ^^
He he by the way they are good .. << I don’t care for the age p(*^-^*)q

Yep ,, horror, action, adventure film are the best (;/゜o゜)
Thanks ^.^.. you will see something soon too …

I make an account in twitter:::!/witch0o0
junho1582 19 Jan, 2012