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J-Dramas only. Always looking for recommendations.

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witch0o0 13 Jan, 2012
yep . I understand ^^
you mean that we can write and never stop .. without take the pen out, right?
nice =)..

until 4th\Feb << 3 weeks
actually not yet T.T.. I started yesterday to read books ^^
so cool ^,^,, what did you watch ..?

I think his hair style amazing too ..~~

yep I heard about it ,,
I didn't watch it yet
I'll defiantly watch it soon
I become exited to watch it ,,
I watch [DVD] Yamashita Tomohisa - Asia Tour 2011 SuperGood SuperBad
the first C-D..
It was amazing ^.^..


I join to the group It sound good ^^
pantheria 12 Jan, 2012
Heyhey. Thought I'd add you. Also following you on Twitter & mind if I add you on LJ? :)
witch0o0 12 Jan, 2012
actually I like it ^.< ... My favorite number is three that why I love everything related to 3 )
I like the meaning too =)..
when I saw the meaning I remember ( THE LIGHT OF GOD IS SHINING BRIGHT)..
yep I know that name it's common in movies too ..
If you have the choice what do you think is better than your name ...?

Thanks a lot <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I will send something too soon ^.^..~

oh I hope that you are ok !!
I've finish yesterday the fall semester ^^ ,, It's holiday know <3
<<<<<<<<<<< I love you my dear holiday ^^ ..
I slept yesterday from 8AM until today 10PM < usually I wake up early
but today was totally different ^^

I will defiantly watch it ^.^,,,

He's so cool .. I think he change it so much 0.O..
but he still kawaii ..
the same hair style ... ^.^..
I think he is cool ^^

Thanks a lot ^^...
these day I try my best to be better in photography so I use her as a model <3
witch0o0 28 Dec, 2011
I hope that you like first kiss ^,^,,
Kawaii it’s a short name ^^.. I like your name ^^.. what’s the meaning of your name?
My name is Warda < in English it’s mean rose ^^
Actually I’ve an address in U.K ^.<

MCT 2827
Aramex House Old Bath Road Colnbrook
Slough, Berkshire SL3 0NS England

If I want to send something to you what should I write?
40 Ffordd Coed Marion, Caernarfon,
Gwynedd, LL55 2EF, U.K.
Is that right??
Really !! *.* ,, Thanks one million time ^^

Me too am fan for Hayami too ^^ .. I’ve this drama on my computer, but I didn’t watch it yet!
I’ve watch ep05 yesterday ^^
I love this ^^. < I’ve made a gif for it ^^
Hope you like it ^^
r0lan 28 Dec, 2011
Tokyo Dogs is alright so far~ up to episode 3~ gawd i love Mizushima Hiro *A* I really do miss his acting lolol
As for Oguri Shun... lol he is brilliant as always! :D
witch0o0 27 Dec, 2011
never mind =),,
If you are ok that is better ^^

I will do my best ^^
The picture is pretty good!! I like it ^.^..
I will save it in my computer <3

I love the song ^^ I t was so cool..
yep I watch it .. It was good .. against my thinking !!
everything was going against what I thought!!
mio was living in U.S then she move to Japan because she want to meet her brother!!
she is so selfish and noisy << she said that because she wants people to remember her!!
I think that the good person will stay in our heart longer than a rude one nee?
any way am sure that you will like it =)

am asking for your home address ^^
your real name start with (L)?
hafsa 27 Dec, 2011
:D thank u !!
hahahaha <3
witch0o0 27 Dec, 2011
Been a long time !!
I hope that you are all right =)
and have so much fun!!