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witch0o0 07 Oct, 2011
long time T.T..~
miss ya !!
witch0o0 21 Sep, 2011
yep we were talking about him I thought that you didn't know Tiger woods << The teacher said that he change his name ^^"
OH .. really strange name ,, also in our country there is a parents choose a name for their daughter they named her ""OMAN""
actually I love it because they miss oman when they were study in other country ^^"

He he .. I think he want to helps you ^^" ..

this is the result of exams ..*.*>>

:_< ,, They told me that before ^,^
actually I didn't feel like you ,, I think that each person have something special even if he was quiet ^^
Thanks alot ..
witch0o0 19 Sep, 2011
Thanks alot ^^.. I take math exam this day the last page was somehow difficult T.T
=)) YAA I love the IT at school always I got A+ that way I pass it ^^
yes practicing together Y.< I love this Idea
the teacher asked us today about strange name did you know some names? She said that there is a man his name is Tiger
actually I didn't think that is a strange one !!
I am the only one who said that I love this name =),.

actually I've 3 browser
Opera + Mozilla Firefox + Google Chrome
I think the fastest one is Opera << you can try it ^^

yep yep am fine nothing happened =)
hai hai daigoubo ^^
* another hug*

I don't know what happened next ^^"
<< the important thing that they didn't catch us <3
me too I love the noisy ,, I can't stay with some too quiet
and if I've to stay with them in class I start make noisy with them
<< Then they will be noisy like me after few weeks *.*
witch0o0 16 Sep, 2011
I have pass the IT exam

Exit Test Results (IT)


witch0o0 15 Sep, 2011
yattttta am so happy to read your message ..
hounto..? you can ask someone may be Random chan can help you
actually I didn't pass English exam T.T .. They accept me at Level 5
I will study 3 month English ^^..
No, I didn't found it .. can you imagine that I go to the university with my passport =) .. >> everyone laugh ^..^..
me too I miss you so much ^^
did you know what happened !! ..
I fall down and everyone saw that .. nevermind actually I didn't care
am not the first one who fall down and not the last ^^"
also when I was on the college some student was playing with alarm
when they get out , I was with my friend on the room .. I try to switch it off, Then a teacher came and saw us .. He though that we did it
I said run ,, << at the end we are safe
my friends said that am so noisy !!
witch0o0 09 Sep, 2011

Miss You <3
witch0o0 08 Sep, 2011
am back << Tadaima
miss you so so so so so so so so so so ..etc much
am happy that I return ^^..
I went to univesity on monday
at tuesday I took an exam ( English)
LEVEL5 >> There is Six level
Wednesday COMP - Placement
They sent these message ::
You should attend the FP-IT Exit Exam on Saturday 10 September at 9:00 - 10:30 in the E Block Computer Labs
am happy..
Today I lost my Ip card T.T"
both of them the card of university & personality card T.T
so I didn't take math exam ><"
<< I didn't found them anywhere T.T
witch0o0 25 Aug, 2011
Hi ..
am so sorry T.T .. I will miss you so much ><"
my father want to change the company < that we use it to surf the net
and they said that they will take 10 days T.T"
am so sorry about that !!..
I hope that they will finish soon !!